Holy Ghost! – I Wanted To Tell Her [PWNDTIAC Remix]

Like most Holy Ghost! tracks, “I Wanted to Tell Her” has a dark disco feel, the kind of track you might hear at your favorite seedy club right before a bar fight breaks out.  On the brighter side, German producer PWNDTIAC recently edited/remixed “I Wanted to Tell Her” and gives the track a bit more of a bubbly bounce while still maintaining the grit of the original.  This crispy, handclap-happy remix is available for free download below.  Jump on it!

And be sure to check out the PWNDTIAC SoundCloud page (particularly the amazing Horsepower EP).  You won’t be disappointed!




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  1. Alex Poirier says:

    I’m in that video!  I was the bmxer double for Nick, haha.

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