Gear Review: AIAIAI TMA-1

Launched last summer, AIAIAI’s TMA-1 headphones have quickly become the headphone of choice for a vast number of DJs on the world circuit, competing with industry heavyweights Pioneer and Sennheiser. Made with DJs in mind, AIAIAI designed the headphones with Tomas Barfod and Fredski of the Tartelet label, and enlisted a diverse range of artists to road test them in their various stages of product development. Artists involved included Matthew Dear, Luciano, HudMo, Erol Alkan and Kode9. We took some time out to put the TMA-1s through their paces and here’s how we found them:

AIAIAI are a company based in Denmark, a nation renowned for it’s design, so stylistically there are few headphones on the market that come close to looking as sharp as the TMA-1s which boast a minimal look, comprised of rubber and a matte black finish. Everything on the headphone rightly serves a purpose, and they don’t resemble the Fisher Price inspired skate headphones that seem to be flooding the market at the moment. A result of them not being coated in multi-colored plastic enables them to weigh in pretty light at 190 grams, yet they seem highly durable, easily withstanding the rigorous abuse of a night out.

Matching style with impressive audio quality, the TMA-1s color the sound slightly by boosting the high end, which makes them a good choice for those who mix hats rather than kicks. Overall, for a pair of DJ headphones, sonically they remain pretty true, and there’s no sound distortion when pushed to obscene levels thanks to a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000 Hz.

The only drawback is the lead to headphone connection, which can easily be yanked out – it could do with a locking mechanism like other headphones with this pricetag, but retailing at a flat $200, I’m yet to find a DJ headphone that matches the TMA-1‘s sound and durability for the price. If you’re in the market to buy a new pair of cans, I can recommend going with these.



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  1. 11cneil says:

    The V-Modas are better

  2. Kyle Stewart says:

    TMA-1 was designed by Kibisi, bros. i only know this because i just got the Pipe buds he designed and looked him up.

  3. sroalf says:

    The “Fool’s Gold” limited edition (which is now sold out through kibisi, offers a cable lock version

  4. TBA says:

    you can get a pair of senn-hd’s for 200…..

  5. squirrel squirrel squirrel says:

    “there’s no sound distortion when pushed to obscene levels thanks to a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000 Hz.”

    Eh, these are two completely different characteristics.  You are comparing power handling to frequency response, which have no direct relationship.

    The lack of distortion at high levels is thanks to the power efficiency and durability of the driver.
    The frequency response is thanks to other physical properties of the driver.

  6. BONES says:

    Freddie I recently got these too and I love them, but yeah the headphone cord always gets yanked out if I’m going too sick. Definitely gonna try to grab that cable lock…

    Check out my GDD cans

  7. Kyle Redman says:

    I own a pair, had them for about 4 months now and have finally wore them in well. I haven’t experienced the cord getting yanked out just yet but perhaps I’m not yanking on the cord hard enough? For $200 they out match my friends Senn-HDs in my opinion and they look super smooth as well. Don’t know why you wouldn’t play with them.

  8. Max George says:

    can you use the locking cable with the normal tma-1?

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