GDD™ Premiere: Willy Joy – Whispering Woods EP

Our friends over at Trouble & Bass have a heavy release slated for the 13th of December from the bass fiend from Chicago known as Willy Joy. You might remember seeing Willy up here on GDD™ a month or two ago when we posted up a fall mix as well as Flinch’s √+ remix of ‘Woman Like Me,’ and now he receives our support once again for the absolutely banging Whispering Woods EP. As the T&B guys so aptly described it, the title track “is a face-blistering chunk of electro stabs and drum rolls that recalls your first metal show as much as a bad trip in the forest,” which probably scares and intrigues you simultaneously as it does for me. Fans of Electro, listen here first and pick it up 12/13.

Willy Joy – Whispering Woods EP by Trouble & Bass





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