[GIVEAWAY] Bromance Tour ft. Brodinski + Gesaffelstein

Everyone loves a good Bromance, and in this case, we really love the new bond between two GDD™ favorites, Brodinksi and Gesaffelstein. After the highly anticipated joint record label launch on Brodinski + Manu Barron’s new imprint on the 21st of November, Brodinksi and Gesaffelstein will be playing together 3 times in the beginning of the New Year with stops on Holy Ship!, the Mezzanine in San Francisco, and Key Club in Los Angeles. Fortunately for you lot, we have a pair of tickets to give away for both the SF and LA stops of the Bromance tour, so get on your Twitters and tweet the following to enter to win:

“Dear @Hardfest + @GottaDanceDirty, I wanna go see @Brodinski and @Gesaffelstein in (SF/LA) because I have a BROMANCE with @(Friend’s names here)!”

Submissions will be accepted until next Tuesday and winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 23rd. GOOD LUCK!






7 Responses to [GIVEAWAY] Bromance Tour ft. Brodinski + Gesaffelstein

  1. Ubbs says:

    Brodinski and Manu Barron kicked off the label not Ges GDD bro’s!

  2. Korbin says:

    Ahh filmed in Marina Del Rey

  3. aRod@GottaDanceDirty says:

    Yes, we are quite aware of that.  We weren’t implying that it was Brodinski + Gesaffelstein who started the label.  We said that it was their joint record that was launching the label.

  4. jonahberry says:

    Thanks bud! Ya I worded that a little funny I’ll fix it 

  5. Andrew Mrvos says:

    who were the winners lol

  6. Andrew Mrvos says:

    who were the winners for sf?

  7. jonahberry says:


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