GDD™ Exclusive Release: Rankin – Geisha Girl

With a tenacity for success and a desire to provide the soundtrack to your weekend nights, Ryan Rankin harnesses his maturing musical tastes into quality productions with depth and passion. Hailing from Newport Beach, CA, he draws influence from a feel-good optimism that was spawned through his experiences surfing in the Pacific and his well-qualified sponsorship by RVCA, supporting him as an artist. You may remember him from this year’s Pacific Festival or from The Dirt #50 that I featured him in a couple of weeks ago. Rankin is a producer/DJ that you should definitely keep an eye out for, as he is in the infancy of his career and will undoubtedly establish himself further in dance music, especially with his own record label in the works, Slay Dem Recordings, which he is starting with his parter in crime, FUSS. He has given GDD™ an exclusive release on his brand new tune, “Geisha Girl,” and I highly recommend you download the excellent melodic dubstep that I’ve been enjoying all weekend.

Rankin – Geisha Girl

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  1. Fuss says:

    Ya Rank … unstoppable… . you gotta slay and kill to pay the bills! -Fuss

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