GDD™ Exclusive Interview: Big Gigantic

First, I want to say that I have been following Big Gigantic for a couple of years now and I believe that they are one of the top up and coming electronic music acts to look out for. With that being said, the Colorado native masterminds behind the visionary project, Dominic Lalli (Production/Sax) & Jeremy Salken (Drums), have been refining their sound into a genuinely unique fusion of sultry saxophone melodies, acoustic drums, and bass-heavy electronic music production. Their style cannot be classified into a single genre, but an exceptional variety of glitch, dubstep, drum & bass, and hip-hop that combines to form the essence of Big Gigantic. I had the chance to see them for the first time back in September and I was thoroughly impressed by their live execution and strong stage presence. Being a hybrid of a live band and a DJ set, they had a dynamic that I wasn’t accustomed to, but I quickly embraced it and I now look back on it as an inspiration to my own music career. Big Gigantic shows are an awesome party atmosphere with nothing but good vibes.

We had the chance to chat with Dominic about several topics including inspiration, influences, and their new album. Check out the GDD™ exclusive interview and a video featuring the single from their new album, Nocturnal, due out January 11, 2012 after the jump.


GDD™: To start things off, we have a couple GDD™ interview traditions and the first is what your usual drink orders are.

Dominic: Patron on the rocks with a couple limes or Makers and ginger ale. Yea!

GDD™: What was the inspiration for your unique blend of organic and electronic sounds?

Dominic: Well, I’m a saxophone player turned electronic music fan/producer. So the blend of organic instruments and electronic music happened pretty naturally. I really like the fact that the saxophone and live drums really help to separate us from other electronic acts and at the same time we still rock heavy dubstep/drum and bass and hip hop bangers.

GDD™: When I saw you open for Bassnectar at the Hollywood Palladium, there was definitely a kind of jam-band vibe that I wouldn’t normally feel with typical electronic artists. Who are your greatest influences both electronic and non-electronic? Jam bands?

Dominic: Electronic influences range from a lot of the heavier dubstep/drum and bass producers like Flux, Doctor P, Pendulum, Bar 9, Datsik, Skrillex, etc. Non-electronic influences range from people like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Miles Davis and a lot of the great jazz writers and improvisers. Also jam-bands like STS9 have been a huge influence as well as our whole scene in Colorado. Lots of amazing producers out here.

GDD™: As an innovative live act, how do you prepare for a set and how do you go about performing? Is there any on stage communication? To what extent do you improvise?

Dominic: Depending on how long our set is, I try to focus on the general flow of the set and try to make it flow smoothly and build up to certain songs and as a live act, we really try to emphasize the build-ups and drops and make them smash. Lots of communication on stage for sure! Always looking at each other and trying to link up on rhythms, phrasing and building. The communication is what makes it so fun live and I feel like the audiences pick up on that.

GDD™: You have been touring relentlessly recently with Bassnectar and Pretty Lights, as well as your own headlining shows. What has been your favorite show and why?

Dominic: Its so hard to pinpoint one show as the favorite because each show, whether we open for PL/Bassnectar or headline our own show has a different, awesome feel to it. With PL/Bassnectar we get to play for a TON of people. It feels like a festival every night. Our own shows are very fulfilling because they are our own and we are breaking our own little records each night and watching things grow little by little so that really amazing as well

GDD™: What do you guys like to do when you’re not performing or making music?

Dominic: That’s all we do! Haha. But…I like to go eat good food and hang with friends

GDD™: You have a brand new album coming out soon titled Nocturnal. What was the process for songwriting/production? How is the album different from other works in the past?

Dominic: I go in the studio and have ideas in my head and try to just get them out of my head and back out through the speakers. Our music is a little more ‘song’-oriented than just a track that a DJ might play. So I go in trying to write in more of a ‘song’ form. This album is in the same spirit as our other albums but I feel like my production skills are getting a little better so I think sonically it hits a little harder and the ideas are a little clearer. It’s very dancy through and through.

GDD™: Being from Colorado, you have seen the area grow to become a steadily rising electronic music hub. Where do you see the Colorado scene going in the next 5 years? More of a global influence?

Dominic: I honestly don’t see it slowing down at all right now. I feel like and I hope it keeps growing more and more. It feels great to be part of such a great community of fans/producers/musicians because I’m as much of a fan as I am a performer. Colorado has some of the most amazing fans I’ve ever seen, which makes it such a great place to call home.

GDD™: Finally, and in keeping with tradition, when you’re not performing on stage and you’re enjoying EDM from the dance floor, do you dance dirty?

Dominic: Soooooooo dirty!! Only the dirtiest dancing..

GDD™: Thank you Dominic!

Download the track featured in the video at THISSONGISSICK.

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