Syndicate Theme – Digitalism Remix

My favorite conspiracy theory might be that our generation of 80s-early 90s babies was conditioned for this wave of electronic music we’re currently experiencing from a very early age… by Nintendo. Peanut butter and jelly, furry boots and tutus, video games and techno… some things just inherently go together.

Electronic Arts, one of the preeminent video game publishers in the world, has intelligently enlisted the help of some of today’s mega-producers in the world of electronic music to help out with the promotion of one of their pending game releases, Syndicate. With Skrillex’s effort already available for download as of a month ago, the Digitalism remix was just released earlier today. Here’s what ze Germans hav to zay:

“For us as electronic music lovers who grew up with games and love soundtracks, there was no way around re-interpreting the Syndicate theme! So what we did in our WWII bunker studio was imagine being in the game, creating a fast-paced atmosphere, turning all the compressors up and mixing classic soundtrack elements with techno. We wanted to make sure it sounds dangerous – et voila, here we go.” – Digitalism

All you have to do is head over to the Syndicate Facebook page, ‘Like’ it, and then click on the “Syndicate DJ Download” tab and you can get both tunes right now, FO’ FREE. Stay in touch with that page, as there will be even more remixes in the coming months from some more of today’s biggest names in dance.

P.S. Check Digitalism’s North American Tour dates on their Facebook and see when they’re coming to a city near you!



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