Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)

If you know GDD™, then you’d know how much we support two of the nicest guys in the industry, Olle and Stefan of Dada Life. The remix pack of their newest single, ‘Happy Violence,’ will be released this upcoming Monday on their own brand new label, So Much Dada Records, and the nice guys have sent over one of the remixes on the EP from 16-year old producer, Caveat. Not too much info on this Electro youngblood yet, but I’d say he’s got something good going on here.

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix) by Dada Life





5 Responses to Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)

  1. Austin says:

    holy tits

  2. I’m a big Dada fan, but this is lightyears beyond the original. Thank you!

  3. Andrew Silverstein says:

    does anybody know where these vocals are from?!?!

  4. @BlondeKatie says:

    are the vocals the girl from nikki and the dove? sounds quite like her

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