GDD™ Morning Update: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, The 2 Bears, Paul van Dyk, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

It’s a cloudy Monday here in Los Angeles, but it pleases me to think about the Halloween festivities that will be taking place this weekend. Anyway, I have news on the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs documentary, The 2 Bears debut album, Paul van Dyk’s visual show, and the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2011. Check out the stories and a perfect tune for the morning after the jump…

Fill Your Coffee by Arkist

4Play for Channel 4: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 4Play from TEEDinosaurs on Vimeo.

Forget Jurassic Park: you’ll find all your dinosaur-related entertainment in this oddball documentary on the one and only Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Since the inception of TEED, creator Orlando Higginbothom has made the most of the visual realm in fleshing out his quirky, psychedelic (and yet oh-so-deep) approach to dance music, so it’s a pleasure to see director David Terranova evoke the same kind of dreamy, off-kilter sensations in his portrait of the artist. (You may recognize Terranova’s name from his Rebel Rave videos for Crosstown Rebels; read on to check out more of his work.)

Higgingbothom’s attitude is as inspiring as his music: “I say that I make dance music,” he tells the filmmakers. “But most people in dance music say that they make house, or techno, or tech house, or trance, or drum ‘n’ bass, or liquid drum ‘n’ bass. And if we just kind of woke up tomorrow morning and there were none of these genres, you just had your record collection in front of you, you didn’t know what any of it was called or where it came from, it wouldn’t matter, that would be great! And you’d probably write some amazing music, and you’d love some music that you’d never loved before, because all the connotations and the weird ideas you have about whether it’s cool, and where it comes from, and what scene it is, and who wrote it, and whether you’ve heard it before—those would just be gone. I like that idea.”

We can’t wait to hear TEED’s forthcoming debut album, due out in early October 2012; for now, sink your teeth into his re-released ”Garden” EP, featuring reworks from MYNC, Soul Clap, Hackman and Joe Goddard, plus his Crosstown Rebels remixes for Luca Bacchetti and Fur Coat feat. Argenis Brito.

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The 2 Bears prep debut album

The 2 Bears will release their first album in January, entitled Be Strong.

Made up of Hot Chip member Joe Goddard and Raf Daddy of Greco-Roman Soundsystem, The 2 Bears are frequent DJ partners with a handful of EPs under their belts, mostly on London’s Southern Fried Records. The pair first met at a Greco-Roman party and started making records not long after, with Raf Daddy singing and both artists on production duties. Their sound is upbeat, eclectic and slightly tongue-in-cheek, grounded in house but flirting with dancehall, garage, pop or whatever else strikes their fancy. The new album features previously unreleased productions as well as selections from their past EPs. The next single, Work, will be out on December 12th.

01. The Birds & The Bees
02. Be Strong
03. Bear Hug
04. Work
05. Warm & Easy
06. Take A Look Around
07. Ghosts & Zombies
08. Time In Mind
09. Increase Your Faith
10. Heart Of The Congos
11. Get Together
12. Church

Souther Fried will release Be Strong on January 30th, 2012.

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Paul van Dyk Channeling Muse for New Stage Show

As devoted fans will know, Paul van Dyk is no Luddite. The veteran DJ-producer has always embraced new technologies in his sets, keeping an eye keenly trained on what’s next. It comes as no surprise, then, that he’s put plenty of planning into the evolution of his Evolution stage show. As he explained earlier this year, his concept goes beyond just pretty flashing lights. His intention is to “follow a storyline and feature elements that are audible and visual at the same time.”

Currently in midst of his world tour, PvD has been offering more insights into his stage design across various interviews. Instead of looking to the live rigs of his dance music contemporaries for inspiration, the man has gone straight to one of the world’s most bombastic rock acts.

“I went and looked at who has done a really phenomenal production show – Muse,” he told Rolling Stone. “I think everybody agrees they have the biggest, best show over the last two years. And I went to these guys who actually developed the whole sort of stage design and light design and everything, and we’ve been developing that concept together.”

The Evolution album is now due in February 2012 – just in time for his voyage to Australia for Future Music Festival – and PvD quipped to Rolling Stone that he’s “really excited to actually let the beast loose”.

In another recent interview, this time with Creative Boom in London, he talked about his onstage arsenal. “I have a custom-made mixer, two keyboards, and various controllers, which enables me to play more live than actually DJing,” he said.

“For example, I could play your favourite song and make it sound completely different. If I feel like it should be breakbeat, I could do breakbeats. With a lot of the stuff that’s on the new album, I came up with those hooks whilst I was playing live.”

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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2011

The fourth annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival hits Williamsburg November 11-12, featuring over 40 artists in venues along Williamsburg’s N 6th Street. (Via Spinner.) The lineup will include a DJ set from Four Tet, as well as live performances by Matthew DearDiamond RingsNguzunguzuGirl UnitHudson MohawkeKingdom, and more. Check out the full list of performers at the festival’s site.

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