Aeroplane – Save Me Now

Aeroplane is releasing his groundbreaking new “In Flight Entertainment” compilation today.  To say that this compilation is chock full of exclusives would be a massive understatement considering that 100% of the tracks are exclusives.  As expected, Vito has booked an All-Star lineup for the in flight entertainment:  Poolside, Bxentric, Herr Styler, Drop Out Orchestra, Martin Dubka, Kris Menace, Kolombo, Riptide, Cosmonauts, Oliver, James Curd and Moonlight Matters.  It’s tough to top that lineup for a compilation, especially when every track is an exclusive.  The artist lineup may be stellar but the one track that really stands out for me is the exclusive from Aeroplane himself called “Save Me Now”.  The vocal hook in this track is absolutely UNSTOPPABLE.

Do yourself a solid and check out Aeroplane’s Facebook note HERE which lists the various links for the 2 Vinyl Samplers, the mixed CD and also the individual MP3s.  Grab the vinyl, grab the mix, grab each individual track and TREAT YO SELF!

Aeroplane – Save Me Now by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™




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  1. SurfAmbassadorHendo says:

    So SICK brada!  Thanks for sharing!  Yeeeee

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