GDD™ Morning Update: Armin Only, Ministry of Sound, Deadmau5 & Snooki

Happy Friday everyone! I have some good news, some bad news, and some funny news this morning, which consists of Monster Massive’s Armin Only, the Ministry of Sound, & Deadmau5 & Snooki’s Twitter fight. I’m drinking tea as I give you the GDD™ Morning Update, so I suggest you grab a cup and enjoy some for yourself as you catch up on the news after the jump!


Monster Massive’s Armin Only Cancellation

It’s with great regret that we have to announce the Armin Only Mirage show at Monster Massive 2011 won’t be going ahead in Los Angeles on 29th October. The show has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. If you’ve already bought tickets; any questions can be directed to Go Ventures via or +1 (818) 348-1397.

Armin van Buuren regrets to announce the cancellation of the October 29th date in Los Angeles. Armin, issued the following statement: “Sorry to keep so many of you in the dark regarding my Armin Only event date in LA, but we wanted to be sure of the date before we spoke to you. I understand any anger or upset, but I hope you all understand that I am completely devastated by this cancellation. I’ve never cancelled an Armin Only show before so I’m very upset to have to now. I hope I will see as many of you as possible in the near future”.

We are very sorry for anyone who was planning on going to this show. We are just as disappointed as you are. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

– Armin Only Team –
(via Armin)


Ministry of Sound Saved

In a victory for clubbers worldwide, the Ministry of Sound’s London superclub has been saved from closure. In August, the London institution had the axe looming over it’s head as developers pushed plans to build a 41-story apartment block directly across the road from the venue – noise complaints from which likely would have ended the club’s reign. This morning, the proposal was rejected.

It seems we have the likes of Armin van BuurenExample and Judge Jules to thank for the MOS club’s rescue. The DJs were some of 25,000 people who signed a petition to deny the application and save what many consider to be one of the best clubs in the world.

Things were looking grim for the club’s future when head developer Christopher Allen coldly stated “Nightclubs come and go”. But the council planning committee clearly felt differently, voting five to nil against the proposal. Allen described himself as “bitterly disappointed”, stating “what will remain is a 1960s obsolete eyesore and the area, which desperately needs regeneration, will continue to stagnate”.

Obsolete? Stagnate? He must not have been at any of the recent, very significant and enlivened, AfrojackPaul Van Dyk or Benny Benassi sets hosted by the nightlife icon.

(via inthemix)


When Deadmau5 and Snooki Fight on Twitter, We All Win

Yesterday two public figures with creatively spelled nicknames squabbled on Twitter for our amusement. After Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tweeted she’d be watching MTV’s new movie DISconnected — a serious look at the consequences of living online — because “I hate digital drama & abuse,” Deadmau5 fired off a 140-character message at the diminutive reality star reading, “okaaayyy….strange twist of events here… Isn’t your entire career owed to getting punched in the head on TV?”

Well… yes. This is a valid point that probably stung Snooki worse because she is actually quite a Deadmau5 fan. As the Village Voice pointed out last week, the Canadian electro producer is the only artist who gets a shout-out in A Shore Thing, the book Snooki most certainly did not write that still has her name on the cover that came out in January. The passage in question begins with, “A hot guido was staring at her — in a nice way — from across the room” and continues, “Right at that moment, a Deadmau5 mix came on. He was her fave; it was a sign. She stepped onto the dance floor. The music took her over.” In August, Snooki tweeted she was spinning his “Tiny Dancer” with the hashtag #LOVE. The two have met and even posed for photos together before — check out this hilarious shot from a 2010 VMAs event.

That’s likely why Snooki tweeted back at the producer, “yeah it sucked? Since when are you a hater? Idc what you say, ill always love your music.” Deadmau5 failed to reply, but he did note he was feeling a little woozy: ” i haven’t slept in over 30 hours… delirium kicking in a little… i walked by a floating bag of chips and i thought it was a pigeon.”

(via SPIN, Picture credit: Metromix NY)


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  1. Raymond Rau says:

    “Ask any raver, any real raver. It doesn’t matter if you book Armin or you don’t book Armin; Monster Massive is Monster Massive.””ITS ARMIN BRIAN, ITS ALWAYS BEEN ARMIN!”kudos to Andrew Ng for being part of this “Fast (Armin cancellation) and Furious (ticket holders) Production.”

  2. Krang says:

    Well that makes my decision about what to do on Halloween weekend that much easier…sucks he cancelled though.

    And fuck Snooki. The world is a worse place because of her.

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