Moon Boots – Off My Mind

So far, early in his career, Moon Boots is 2 for 2.  Perfect completion percentage, 1.000% batting average or 100% field goal percentage…however you look at it, Moon Boots hasn’t missed.  First it was the Kenny Loggins sampling “Gopher It”, which made its way onto The Magician’s Magic Tape Thirteen.  And now Moon Boots follows up with “Off My Mind”, a new track destined to be a massive hit.  The track made its exclusive debut on my FallGaze 2011 Mix last month and today you can hear the full version in all of its glory.  One listen to the track and you’re guaranteed to get hooked.  Aeroplane put out a new mixtape yesterday, which also included “Off My Mind”.  So Moon Boots’ first track made its way onto The Magician’s monthly mixtape series and his second track makes its way onto Aeroplane’s monthly mixtape series…not bad Mr. Moon Boots, not bad.

Take a listen to the original of “Off My Mind” below (coming soon on French Express) and get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Chicago housed-up remix by Rogue Vogue.  HUUUUUGE!

Off My Mind by Moon Boots

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix) by FRENCH EXPRESS




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