The Dirt #46: jonahberry + burn unit

This week’s Dirt is a compilation of many different vibes and grooves brought to you by Burn Unit and me. Although my colleague and I share many of the same tastes for music, we gather much of our new tunage from different outlets, making the combination of our curation a wholesome, healthy platter of solid tracks that we see fit only for GDD™‘s longest standing feature, The Dirt. Have at it and have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen!

Jeremy Joshua – Thinking About Your Face (Original Mix) √++
I found this funky, sexy gem in a Cajmere mixtape a month or so ago. Released back in May on Detroit’s Sampled Recordings, this jam is a must play if you want to add something fresh and different into a groovier set. Go grab the 320 on Beatport!

•  Lee Foss – Happened For A Reason (Original Mix) √+
I dug this out of Daniel Bortz Beatport chart that he made back in April. Lee Foss can honestly do no wrong. Funky bassline with wood blocks? I say yes. Definitely yes.

• Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday (Girl Unit Remix) √+
Throw this on and enter a world of floating and blissfulness. Girl Unit takes the Swedish duo’s original and adds a certain beauty to it that you’ll have to hear for yourself.

• Clockwork – Weaver (No Body Remix) √+
NYC-based Clockwork and I ran a remix competition for his track, ‘Weaver,’ and we received more entries than we knew what to do with. This is the winner. Get it?

• Body Language – You Can (Star Slinger Remix) √+
Sunshine House. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Star Slinger just kicked off his North American tour today, so check his Facebook and see if he’s swinging by your spot.

Jonah’s .zip

• Cassius – The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix) √+ [192kbps]
So you’ve pulled off the task of getting a lucky someone back to your house after a long day of day-drinking and aren’t sure how to make that first move? Put this song on and let it work its magic. Grab the 320 off Beatport for some extra high quality lovin’.

• 11:11 – Tourist Trap (Jamie Jones ‘Miss X’ Remix) √√√+++ [192kbps]
Diddy recently completed work on an album with techno guru Guy Gerber under the moniker 11:11 and the remix package for ‘Tourist Trap’ features Visionquest, Soul Clap, this gem, and more. Personally, I think it’s great for the industry that Diddy is on board with such incredibly talented underground artists. Guy is calling the collab the “future of electronic pop.”


There’s really nothing quite like a big room Phoenix remix to generate a little movement in the lumber yard. The GTA boys have had this out for a minute, but just recently made it available for download. Click through to SoundCloud to grab it in all its glory!

• No Body – Start Again √+
Imagine that Bart B More and Benny Benassi had a baby, then that baby grew up and knocked up Dirty South’s baby, and then yeah, you get the point… that’s what this sounds like.


I will always associate any rendition of this song with Mehdi. Pretty much the most absurd tagteam set ever was going down between Boys Noize, A-Trak, Busy P, Riton, Diplo and Mehdi at an Electric Zoo afterparty when one of the guys (I think Pedro) dropped ‘How Deep Is Your Love.’ The place went apeshit, I went upstairs to get a drink, and that’s the last memory I have of DJ Mehdi behind the decks. I’ll never forget that moment… You should click through to SoundCloud and read the description A-Trak wrote for this dub he did. Truly touching. Always remember to keep on smiling. RIP Mehdi.

Burn Unit’s .zip

jonahberry + burn unit



6 Responses to The Dirt #46: jonahberry + burn unit

  1. Dave7mfs says:

    FYI, you guys used this same pic in the Dirt #23

  2. Mr. Sandwichito says:

    No Body is the future.

  3. jonahberry says:

    ahh good catch Dave I couldn’t remember if I had used it before or not! looks like we need to re-up on Dirt babes.

  4. UDUNKNOW says:

    yo you gotta be kidding me – no body fucking sucks. They also shouldn’t have won the remix comp. Standaard shitttt — nothing new! And with respects to their original I’ve heard that drop 1,000 times in a 1,000 different equally bad songs and they did nothing different to make it stand out. Trancey vocals, trancey keys, terrible drop. If I heard that song out I’d leave the dance floor for a drink/a piss. I’m dissapointed GDD!!

  5. Quentin says:

    UNUNKNOW, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. While I’ll concede the trance vocals don’t really do it for me either, I don’t think there’s any reason to be ripping on No Body like that. As an up and coming artist, I like the things he’s doing. His songs definitely lack some of the intricacies that you would expect from a more experienced producer, but he clearly has some talent and I like the direction he’s going in. Just my two cents. 

  6. Coby Argain says:

    the idea of diddy working with the best of the underground scene (jamie jones, visionquest, etc) blows mah fuckin mind.

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