It’s only perfect that Fake Blood‘s record label is called BLOOD MUSIC– but more importantly because of the procured artists that fit into his regime. The UK-based Ado is a prime recruitment, releasing The Ultra EP this week on the label. With 3 big Techno favorites and a self-inflicted remix, Ado’s EP is literally a 4-banger. My personal fav “Age” is a bleeping good time. See for yourself what everyone else said below!

Ado – Age (Original Mix) √+
Ado – Age (Ado’s Solstice Mix)

Clouds: “This was always going to be amazing and yes, yes it is.”
Boys Noize: “nice, will check on floor”
Andy George: “Holy Mother of God. Age is huge. Will be supporting in a big way!”
2manydjs: “Love Age, choon”
Crookers: “All the tracks are stoopid tremors!”
Tony Senghore: “Truly exciting stuff!”
His Majesty Andre: “Incredibly Huge”
Jack Beats: “Ultra is a banger”
Riton: “oh this is fresh”
Harvard Bass: “This EP is well put out! I’m really into The Ultra, definitely adding to my set.”
A-Trak: “Bleep bleep bleep. Good stuff”
Boy*bit: “The Ultra is right up my street. Definitely looking forward to playing The Ultra and Voids”
NT89: “love it big time!”
Hey Today!: “Love it!”
Rynecologist: “Wow! Amazing! Definitely making a way into my set! Massive release!”
Boris Dluglosch: “Amazing, playin all tracks”
Tommie Sunshine: “this is simply perfect music.I’m speechless”

*If you want the full 320 tunage, I encourage you to pick up Ado’s The Ultra EP on Beatport. Support this dude.




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  1. R says:

    Electronic Dance Music is definitely on rise in America.

  2. simply says:

    Awesome stuff man, thanks for dropping this!

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