We were lucky enough to get back to our roots with Brooklyn-based producer Codes. Cody Murray, aka Codes, is ” reaching back to those golden days of hip-hop and house music. The days where you might sit in a record shop for hours searching for that diamond in the rough. Codes sound is a little disco, a little house, a helping of bass and a lot of love.” Recently signed to dance music heavy weights Craze and Kill the Noise’s Slow Roast label, Codes released his EP Codes House which became an instant hit with track after track finding its way into every dj’s set list. We were able to procure an exclusive interview with the man himself (via GDD street team member Britney Haberl), and also present a GDD premiere remix for Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Ni**as In Paris” – which was recently featured on Craze’s U-Stream a week ago.


For those folks who may not be as familiar with “Codes”, how would you sum up what you’re all about in a sentence or two?

CODES: Codes is about finding golden samples and flipping them in creative ways to make solid club music. I’m also about bringing back the old school party vibes and becoming your new favorite DJ.

When did you first get involved with the Slow Roast Records crew?

CODES: I’ve been sending Kill The Noise my music for a while but I didn’t actually get signed to Slow Roast until last December. My EP “Codes House” was released last April.

When did you first become involved with the house and electro genres? What were some of your first encounters?

CODES: I got into house music long before I started listening to electro. When I originally got into house, about ten years ago, everything was still on vinyl. I really loved the classic stuff and speed garage so I would spend a ton of money at record stores and even on Ebay collecting music. Treasure Fingers and Kill The Noise got me into electro a few years back. Since then I’ve been glued to my computer producing music.

Who are some of your biggest influences/role models in these genres of music?

CODES: I think Armand Van Helden has been a big influence on what I’m pushing for. The longevity of his career as a producer and as a DJ is what I would like to accomplish. Not only does he make some of the best house music for the past couple decades but he also seems like a genuine dude. Then of course everyone on Slow Roast – Craze, Kill The Noise & Klever. I couldn’t ask to be on a better or more talented team.

When did you start actually producing your own music?

CODES: Probably about five years ago. I had DJ’d for so many years so it was just a matter of time before making my own music.

What is your favorite kind of music to make and produce?

CODES: I love producing any kind of house music but lately I have also been having a lot of fun making some moombahton.

Who has been your favorite to work with so far? Who would you love to work with in the future?

CODES: Man where do I start… I had a blast when I was out in Miami working with Craze. We have some really cool music that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. I also have a handful of records I did with Treasure Fingers. Also, Flinch and Tommie Sunshine. And as I mentioned before Armand Van Helden is a big influence for me so it would be crazy if I could do a record with him someday. I also really dig Nom De Strip‘s production so it would be cool to work with him too.

What has been your favorite gig so far? Have any favorite cities to play in?

CODES: I played a 3hr set at Pacha, which was packed to the brim, and in the DJ booth was this piece of string attached to a loud tractor trailer horn. That was pretty crazy. Also the Anthem Heart party in Minneapolis was super fun.

If you could play in any city or at any festival where would it be?

CODES: All those big festivals out west look awesome but I think I would really like to play somewhere with crazy beaches and ocean like Ibiza or Mykonos.

Your track selections and mixing are always solid. What kind of time do you spend preparing for a set?

CODES: Thanks! It all depends on how much time I have. If I had more time I would probably prepare more but I definitely put some things together before shows.

Do you prepare a set list or do you just go with the flow?

CODES: I try to but it’s all about readying the crowd. Every gig is different so my plan usually changes when I actually get to the club and am behind the turntables.

Tell us about this new remix, and what you were trying to bring to the table.

CODES: The first time I heard the “Ni**as in Paris” track I instantly knew I had to put my spin on it. Just trying to make a hip hop record into a club banger.

What should we be watching out for in the near future from Codes?

CODES: I have a Codes House Remix EP coming out on Slow Roast in the next couple months. I’m super excited and have some AMAZING remixes from Flinch, JWLS, Neoteric & Wax Motif just to name a few. Also we should have some previews of the tracks I did with Craze up soon. The tunes me and Treasure Fingers did should be making its debut by the end of this year as well. And of course lots of traveling and doing shows. Follow my twitter/fb feeds for more!

EXCLUSIVE TUNE: Codes made this new Jay-Z & Kanye West remix just for you dirty dancers here on GDD, and check out a few other great giveaway tracks below from his soundcloud!

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Codes Remix) √+

Codes – Guzzlin Champagne by CODESHOUSE

Craze ft Wrekonize – Dance Alone (Codes Remix) by CODESHOUSE

If your in the OC, you can check out Codes tomorrow night @ La Cave in Costa Mesa! If not, check out these upcoming dates for a party near you:
9/28 La Cave – Costa Mesa, CA
10/01 “Fools Gold Party” Ace Hotel – Palm Srpings, CA
10/02 “Fools Gold Party” Ace Hotel Poolside – Palm Srpings, CA
10/19 AM Only CMJ Showcase @ Drom New York, NY
10/22 Water Street Music Hall – Rochester, NY
10/27 U Hall – Washington, DC
12/15 Rio Room – Dallas, TX
1/20 Terminal 5 – New York, NY




  1. Billy Duece says:

    God damn that Paris remix is on some crazy shit!

  2. Mxalmond1 says:

    codes/slow roast team is changing the entire house / moombah game …. 2 more years until they are house hold names 

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