If there is one thing we love to do @ GDD, it’s help the up-and-comers get a chance to showcase their fresh faced production to all of you dirty dancers and the EDM scene. Some of our good buddies – The KiD and Korova – from the LA blog Shifty Rhythms have poured heart and soul into compiling their breakthrough EP, The Red Panda Chronicles Part 1. Derived from personal experiences (including working directly for Mad Decent) and a culmination of their styles, this EP embodies influences from everything in electronic music today. Lucky for you, we get an exclusive breakdown of each track and the entire compilation, all being offered up for FREE. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Red Panda Chronicles Part I is the first of an indefinite number of our EP releases… citing influences including everything from tribal tech, to moombahton, to global groove, Red Panda Chronicles is a compilation of 6 tracks made for moving… in the club, in the car, in your bedroom.The title is not so much a reference to anything contained within the EP, as much as the most appropriate collaborative image of our art.We embody the Red Panda, and the Red Panda embodies us. So Get Shifty. Whenever. Wherever.


Don’t Take It Personal by The KiD

‘Don’t Take it Personal’ was the culmination of my type of “feel good” dance track. Growing up with a love for percussion, I wanted to make a song that highlighted nice drum hits, and massive kicks.This embodies my emotion toward college women and their sentimental attachment to me.

Gawdzilla (Korova Remix) by The KiD
The ‘Gawdzilla Moombah Remix’ came from the idea of The KiD’s guerilla drum grove originally, but then stemmed into a downtempo synth splattered tribal ritual track. The elements are all meant to bring you into the mindset of the Red Panda. With sporadic changes and a large variety of instrumentation this track sits as the cult club feel, even your girlfriend is tapping her feet.

Gawdzilla (2012) by The KiD
‘Gawdzilla,’ first released as a single back in April of 2011, has been remixed and mastered as an integral part of the EP. Featuring vocals from Talib Kweli, the track captures a monstrous energy within a catchy house beat. Above all else, it is me giving a middle finger to everyone trying to “keep it real”. Today, too many artists are concerned with modeling their sounds after _______, or being the next _______. This one’s all about doing you 100% and nothing else.

Stunt by The KiD
‘Stunt Part I’ is the first track that I ever produced with Korova. An early version of it was finished last year, but when we decided we wanted to release an EP together, we knew we had to include this one. It has such a unique vibe, incorporating many tribal elements to the soundscape, so we thought it was a perfect fit when paired with the other tracks on the EP.

Stunt Pt II by The KiD
Stunt Part II is certainly our deepest and darkest track on the EP, but it’s filled with an exciting energy, and some aspects from Part I. It originally started as Korova and I’s attempt to make Part I into a harder dance track, but soon it became apparent that we were venturing into completely new territory. I’m a huge techno fan, and that type of sound was what we were going for on this.

Rafiki by The KiD
Rafiki is… ungenrefiable, glorious, majestic. Imagine the opening scene of the Lion King when you play this one. I absolutely love this track because it’s so different from anything that Korova and I had ever worked on before. I can’t really explain this one to anybody, it really just needs to be heard.

• The KiD & Korova – The Red Panda Chronicles Part 1 [zipped]

The KiD
Shifty Rhythms

Shifty Rhythms



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