Review: James Blake at The Music Box + Essential Mix

Photo Credit : Jessica Comingore of LA Weekly

Last night, Troy Kurtz and I eagerly ventured out to The Music Box in Hollywood to witness a live, sold out performance from James Blake and his band. Stripping away the ensuing bodily pains from late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, we knew that this was a show that we couldn’t pass on, and we were right.

Blake took the stage around 10:15PM along with his team, Ben Assister on drums and Rob McAndrews on the guitar and sampler, and started right off into a powerful one-two punch of ‘Unluck’ and ‘Give Me My Month.’ Seemingly very glad to be back in Los Angeles, Blake never once forgot to share his appreciation for the thundering applause after each of the first few emotional numbers. Moving piano solos then transformed  into wall-shaking low end, and two of my personal favorites, ‘CMYK’ and ‘Limit To Your Love,’ proved to be a perfect, back to back halfway point of the performance. Supplemented by a barrage of dramatic spotlights and strobes, the trio went on to play 3 more songs before the encore, including the title track of the forthcoming EP, Enough Thunder. As James, Ben, and Rob left the stage for the first time, the applause was nearly deafening and all faces remained vexed toward the stage. Just as the shouts of awaiting concert-goers began to fade, Blake re-entered the stage at Music Box for 2 final songs, including the pumping Digital Mystikz cover and another from the new EP, ‘Once We All Agree.’

As Troy and I turned away to head back to the car, we realized that James Blake may just be the next generation’s Thom Yorke. Don’t agree? See him live.

Check out the set list from last night as well as James Blake’s Essential Mix from last Saturday after the jump.

James Blake Live at The Music Box in Hollywood – 9/18/11
Give Me My Month
Tep and the Logic
I Never Learnt to Share
Lindisfarne I
Lindisfarne II
To Care (Like You)
Limit to Your Love
Enough Thunder
The Wilhelm Scream
Anti-War Dub (Digital Mystikz cover)
Once We All Agree

James Blake – BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix 9/17/11


Erik Satie — Gnossienne No.5
James Blake — Olivia Kept
James Blake Versus Drake — Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night
James Blake — Pan
SALEM — Trapdoor
Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)
[unknown] — Unknown
Klaus — Tarry
D’Angelo — One mo’ Gin
[unknown] — Sicko Cell
Blawan — What You Do With What You Have (R&S Records)
James Blake — No More Than A Road (Dub)
James Blake — At Birth (Dub)
The Chain — Suffer For Your Art (R&S Records)
Peverelist — Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)
[unknown] — Navigator
OutKast — Return of the G
Africa Hitech — Out In The Street
DJ Nate — 3 Peat
James Blake — Deeds
Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II
Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III
Odi et Amo — Johann Johannsson
Grouper — Vessel
James Blake — Untitled
James Blake — Untitled
[unknown] — What Was It
The Tallest Man on Earth — Love Is All
SALEM — Redlights
Rev. James Cleveland — Jesus Saves
Trim — Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)
James Blake — Evening Fell Hard For Us
James Blake — Placing Us
James Blake — Words We Both Know
Arthur Russell — Love Comes Back
Stevie Wonder — You and I





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