The Dirt #44: Tre + Tropicool

What’s up dirty dancers? I have spent much of this morning reminiscing about how epic Labor day weekend was and in particular the songs that made it that much more memorable. As I traveled through a haze of clubs, bars and pool parties, I was exposed to a variety of different EDM genres which all served their surrounding atmospheres very well. To get you through this week, Tropicool and myself have teamed up to bring you a variety of memorable music that will hopefully put a big smile on your face and a hop to your step.

Tre’s Picks:

• Jaytech – New Vibe (Original Mix) [Purchase Link]

This track is an all around gem. Jaytech just released his new EP, New Vibe/Echo and it’s pure fire! New Vibe is a groovy sample driven summer anthem that is a guaranteed to get your head bobbing.

Jaytech – New Vibe (Original Mix) by jaytechmusic

• Maa Bashi – Alarm [Purchase Link]

This one is a dark and pumping monster. With a simple and automated bassline that never gets old, this song just keeps building you up and leaving you wanting more. Maa Bashi has really given us a dark anthem here, seriously get ready to bare your teeth.

Maa Bashi – Alarm (Original Mix) by GDD-Tre

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Caligula’s Ni**as in Miami Remix) *320

If you haven’t already picked up Watch The Throne then I seriously recommend you do so ASAP.  For all of you who have not been living under a rock for the last two weeks then you should grab Caligula‘s remix of Ni**as In Paris, it’s pure fire!

• Roy Mclaren Starstruck (Deluna Remix) [Purchase Link]

This track is a melodic masterpiece and has something for even the biggest EDM Nazis. Techy, driving and melodic, this remix of the originalRoy Mclaren jam is a must have for any EDM fan.

Roy Mclaren – Starstruck (Deluna Remix) by GDD-Tre

MYNC, Ron Carrol & Dan Castro – Don’t Be Afraid (Pierce Fulton Mix) *320

It’s pretty much a guarantee that anything Pierce Fulton touches will be huge and his latest remix is no exception. This remix is a further demonstration of Pierce’s progressive genius. Complete with catchy vocal hooks, a unique bassline and those plucks that you know and love, this remix is not one to miss!

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Tropicool’s Picks

Tensnake – Congolal (Tensnake Rework)
Slow, groovy and sexy. Sprinkled with violins and bongos. Tensnake can do no wrong!

Lifelike – Motion
A king of ever-building disco house has released yet another gem. Fast, melodic, full of magical sounds.

Tyson – Strangers
This mysterious man from london has leaked another track on the inter-web. Signature Tyson sound atop some funky chords and riffs. Everything he touches turns to gold while he wears a scary skull mask.

Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex Remix)
Kamp! has been around for a few years now, first stumbling upon them when they had below 200 song listens on their myspace with the single ‘Breaking a Ghost’s Heart’. I knew this trio from poland would be huge as their new single has just been featured as the opening track on the Magician’s Magic Tape 14.

Flight Facilities – Feelin’
The B-side to the Foreign Language EP. Groovy old school disco with a touch of modern flair and quite the dancey thump after the drop. Similar to some of Cassian’s older material.

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
The opening to this song has listeners believing that Biggie is about start flowing, however, that quickly transforms into a sun-kissed summers day where you’ve got a cold cocktail in one hand and a big breasted babe in the other. MMM tasty cakes.

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