Two Mixes from Magda

Although we don’t post as much Minimal on GDD™ as I would like, it is still important to honor and support the great artists of the genre, which is why I’ve devoted this post to two fantastic mixes from the oustanding, deep, and groovy Magda. Originally from Poland, Magda has also lived in two cities renowned for their definitive taste in Minimal Techno: Detroit and Berlin, where she befriended the legendary Richie Hawtin and was brought in to the Minus family. Just recently, Magda announced that she was leaving the imprint along with labelmates, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle, to focus on their label, Items & Things. After initially reading this information thanks to the fine people at XLR8R, I decided to go back into my Radio 1 Essential Mix vault to pull out Magda’s incredible two hour recording, and two weeks later, XLR8R had commissioned her for a podcast to mark the seminal resignation from Minus. These are two very well thought out and well put together mixes from a woman at the forefront of her field. I can’t wait to see what the future of Items & Things has in store for us!

Find download links and tracklists after the jump!
Magda – XLR8R Podcast : August 16,2011 √++

01 Marc Houle “Just Woke Up”
02 Death on the Balcony “Give Me That Stuff”
03 The Horrorist “Hostage (Miro Pajic Remix)” (Things To Come)
04 PhonoKemi “Exterminators” (Highgrade)
05 Don Blackman “You Ain’t Hip” (GRP)
06 Marc Houle “Slowpe”
07 M.A.N.D.E.A.R. “Buddies (Radio Slave’s Panorama Garage Remix)” (Get Physical)
08 Santorini feat. Frank Carla “I Feel This” (Outer)
09 Borderline “Stay” (Turbo)
10 Pigon “Flip Over Pill” (Dial)
11 Sex Judas feat. Ricky “Everything Changes” (Marketing)
12 Magda & Suade “Fixation” (Items & Things)
13 Danny Benedettini “Rocker”
14 Red Rack’em “Late One” (Bergerac)
15 Capablanca & T. Keeler “La Konk Fiesta” (Gomma)
16 Ilija Rudman “Congo Diamond” (Bear Funk)
17 Clouded Vision “Room 101 (Darabi Remix)” (Meant)
18 Stevie Wonder “Do I Do” (Tamla)
19 Rudy’s Midnight Machine “East Side Good Living” (Retrofit)
20 Borderline “Never Know” (Turbo)
21 Jamie Principle “Drive Me (Magda Edit)” (Atlantic)
22 Danny Benedettini “Moi Moi”
23 Francis Inferno Orchestra “I Need It (Fantastic Man’s Electric Boogaloo Remix)” (Join the Dots)
24 Laufmasche “Verstrahlte 122″ (Snork Enterprises)
25 Julian Sanza “Funky Steamroller” (Silhouette)
26 Austra “Beat and the Pulse” (Domino)
27 Tomas More “A+B” (Items & Things)
28 Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee “Just Think About (Art of Tones Disco Mix)” (Under the Shade)
29 Matias Aguayo “Dance Machine” (Kompakt)
30 Marc Houle “Juno 6660″
31 BMG & Sal P “Credit Card” (Interdimensional Transmissions)

Magda – Radio 1 Essential Mix 30-10-2010 √+++

1. Andy Vaz — Inscrutable Insects
2. Murr — Sunday Morning
3. Goldfish und der Dulz — Pool
4. Beaner — Little Helper 4-3
5. Thomas Brinkmann — Drops
6. Soulphiction — Cheerleader (Poets Of D-Ism Mix)
7. Dinky — Jack
8. Putsch ’79 — Othello
9. JPLS — Voxcycle A
10. X District — Color Correction
11. Snuff Crew — Lovefreak
12. Chloé — Distant (Magda Remix)
13. Troy Pierce — A Slap In The Space
14. The Other People Place — Running From Love
15. Chris Carrier — Cancan (Dub Mix)
16. Rework — Love Love Love (Chloe Remix)
17. Jason Emsley — Unknown Title
18. Magda — Distance To Nowhere
19. Fever Ray — Seven (Marcell Dettmann Remix)
20. Robag Wruhme — Blech Beule
21. Maayan Nidam — The Road To Recovery
22. Rhythm Plate — Dirty (BLeep District Off Road Dub)
23. Cellule Eat — Tajin 3000
24. LoSoul — Late Chick
25. Anthony Shakir — Unknown Title
26. The Skull — Enter The Skull
27. Milton Bradley — Don’t Phonk
28. Maetrik — Purr Baby
29. The Unknown DJ — Basstronic
30. Soylent Green — Brut
31. Christian Burkhardt — Boomerang
32. Dplay — Südseestraße
33. Reade Truth — Breathe Into Light
34. Captain Comatose — Up In Flames (Glove Mix)
35. Booka Shade — Vertigo
36. Frozen Border — 21
37. Mr C — Dark Moon
38. Ion Ludwig — I Wont Listen





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  1. Zon says:

    would love to check out the more recent set, but both download links are linking to the radio 1 set at the moment.

  2. jonahberry says:

    thanks for the heads up Zon! links are fixed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Her CD “She’s A Dancing Machine” is prob one of the best mix cd’s of the past fifteen years potentially.

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