What happens when art and music technology get intoxicated and hook up? BOOMBOTIX.

We had the pleasure of testing out some of the coolest speakers we’ve ever seen. The Boombotix sound system is your one man party. Founded in 2009 with roots in San Francisco’s urban art by local Lief Storer, these little speakers make a big sound.  Built with a re-chargeable battery and bluetooth wireless technology , it’s tailored to the transient lifestyles of those who live fast and dance dirty. Don’t rely on your computer to do your favorite tunes justice…(Warning: We got busted in our hotel room playing one of the new bluetooth Boombots in our hotel room after Pacific Festival). With a fatty clip on the backside of the speaker, you can snap the Boombot to your backpack, bike, or even yo’self!

– High fidelity speakers that KICK
– Built-in amplifier
– Ruggedized rubber coated housing
– Extreme sex appeal
– Rechargeable lithium ion battery
– Retractable audio cable
– USB-to-mini usb recharging cable for PC/laptop. Also works with iPod/iPhone/blackberry wall chargers
– Super awesome windowed packaging
– full one year manufacturers warranty

**Check out their facebook page or their official site for details on how to win a BOOMBOT FOR FREE!



7 Responses to BEHOLD… BOOMBOTIX!

  1. Fromabovemedia says:

    dope. i want

  2. John_Doe says:

    wow, you guys really like pushing products onto us. 

  3. Nobody says:

    I’ve got one of these things and its so sick.  Especially when I hit the beach. Bumps loud as hell =)

  4. YESSS BMBTX 4 lyfe i ride dirty on my bike with mine! 

  5. Cmac says:

    my buddy has one and its LOUD! everywhere she goes a dance party seems to start…

  6. Summer says:

    These speakers aree soo loud for it’s size! I got one last month and i’ve been using it as a supplement to my laptop speakers. really useful and you can take it wherever you go!

  7. Max Jennings says:

    It’s a speaker….it allows us to BUMP tunes.  Why is that so bad?

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