The Dirt #43: aRod + Troy Kurtz

It’s hurricanes & earthquakes versus 72° & sunny for the 43rd running of The Dirt. This week it’s Troy Kurtz versus aRod. Miami versus Santa Barbara. The selections we’re serving up for you this week are a reflection of what Mother Nature has been dishing out this week to our respective coasts. Troy was all set to rock the IDentity Festival in Miami this Thursday, until that stormy c*nt Irene came & washed away all the fun. And, to top it off, the Eastern Seaboard got a nice jolt of boomin’ bass with a rare appearance by an earthquake. So look for Troy’s segment of this week’s Dirt to be thunderous and volatile.

I, on the other hand, am living in Santa Barbara, CA & am currently going on my 2,000th consecutive day of it being exactly 72° & sunny. So look for a steady dose of sunlit disco with occasional nighttime techno haze from my portion of this week’s Dirt.

Alright, enough chit chit – here’s this week’s forecast: A heavy chance of dirty with a 100% chance of dance: The Dirt #43 by aRod + Troy Kurtz.


• May68 – The Prisoner (Cecile Remix)

Hurricane Irene is set to pulverize an unfortunate region of the East Coast in a few days.  The powers that be at IDentity Festival decided to postpone Thursday’s event  in Miami, but luckily for me, the hurricane scooted well east of Miami, and now I get to go surfing. Come Friday morning, the sun will sneak up behind a thin film of ominous clouds. Massive grey lumps of water freight-train down the South Florida coast.

• Wavves – King of The Beach

Wavves:Surfing::Ginuwine:Lap Dances

• Crystal Fighters – Follow (LOL Boys Mix)
I’m sunburned. The storm has moved north of South Florida as the offshore winds blow the pestering morning rain squalls out to sea. I eat, but not too much.

• Skream – Lightnin VIP

I’m trying to convince my dehydrated body that Florida having good surf is like going to Hawaii and falling in love with Mila Kunis. I paddle back out, but forget I have to DJ in a few hours.

• The Weeknd – What You Need (Phantom Ambulance Phirst Response Remix)

I’m speeding home. Asleep at the wheel.  I think of the lives of all the unfortunate residents that Irene will surely effect, and I hope they take the necessary precautions in order to be safe.

TK Dirt #43 Zip


• Gesaffelstein – Viol (S-File Edit)

French techno dreamboat GESAFFELSTEIN absolutely tore up HARD Summer last month. Not one straight female, gay male or momentarily-confused-about-their-sexuality straight dude in attendance left the festival with a pair of underwear on because they all got thrown up on stage after this man’s massive set.

• Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Sunlight Remix)

Hot off the press! Gigamesh gettin’ straight dope with his brand spankin’ new remix of Theophilus London.

• Aggro Santos – Saint or Sinner (Tonka’s Holy House Remix)

The instrumental version of this track was recently featured on The Magician’s brand new mixtape. Piano house with a twist.

• Dave Edwards – Dance the Night Away

This feel good track somehow manages to pull off all sorts of genre hopping, fusing together elements of disco, electro, Europop & French house to give it the kind of feel that would make you wanna dance around every inch of the green grassy field at your favorite European music festival.

• Foster the People – Helena Beat (Build Remix)

Foster the People go from indie to disco with this remix by Build who add a nice GLOVES-like bassline to give the track a proper dance floor feel.

aRod Dirt #43 Zip

TK + aRod



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  1. Austin says:

    Dam. Thats a good Dirt.

  2. Marina says:

    LOVE Foster the People and that remix. The video for Helena Beat is really sweet, too, check it:

  3. D1rt says:

    Does anyone know where I can find more of Builds remixes?

  4. Andrew Rodriguez says:

    There are a few more remixes on their Soundcloud page:

  5. Thanks A bunch for the mention! much love!

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