8 Responses to New Apparel in Stock

  1. That is one tight shirt

  2. Coskeyk says:

    These shirts are sick! Use promo KORBINGDD for 10%off! Buy Up

  3. BiscuitsNgroovy says:

    It says “Coming Soon” for everything. When are yall going to get some more stuff in stock?

  4. Davipaschoal says:

    I`m having problems with shipment… I tried contacting via email/facebook/site mail but nothing seems to happen. Please contact me for the paypal transactions ID!

  5. jonahberry says:

    Sorry about that Davi! You will be getting an email this afternoon.

  6. Stuart Brock says:

    Kinda curious about my shipping also, I ordered a week ago, and got charged. But I never was able to find any kind of confirmation # other then my palpal receipt. Might be same as below,

  7. sneevs says:

    Hey Stuart, you should be receiving your order this week, we had a slight delay as we switched to a new warehouse, please email us if you don’t see it, thanks! info@gottadancedirty.com

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