Preview: Sensation London + an exclusive interview w/ Creative Director Duncan Stutterheim

This weekend, Smirnoff are set to bring the legendary Sensation event to the UK for the very first time. Taking place on Saturday night at London’s sold out O2 Arena inside the Millenium Dome, Smirnoff presents Sensation: The Ocean of White. Resident Mr.White will be joined by a stacked lineup that includes Erick E, Sander van Doorn, Fedde Le Grand, Martin Solveig, Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli, while the production element promises to be spectacular and like no other.

We caught up with the man behind Sensation: Duncan Stutterheim for a rare interview, during which he puts to bed the question many of our Stateside readers are itching to hear an answer to: Will Sensation ever come to the US?
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GDD: How did you come up with the initial concept for Sensation?

DS: We were putting on parties for over 10 years before the new Ajax stadium was built in Amsterdam. When you organize big parties and then your local football club builds a big stadium, it of course becomes a huge dream to throw a party there! However, we felt that that the stadium was a very difficult surrounding to make one feel at home in, like a club does. So from day one we spend a lot of money and time thinking about how we could decorate and put on a show that created this homely atmosphere.

GDD: Was your first event a really big scale event, or did you have to build the Sensation brand from the ground up?

DS: Our first party was for 300 people and we really loved it. After that, we were looking for a new venue to do a party for around 3,000 people, however when we threw it, instead of the 3,000 people more than 11,000 people came, which meant that from that day on, we only organized big events! The first Sensation was for 17,000 people but it felt like 30,000, and that took place in the year 2000.

GDD: If you were describing it to a dance music fanatic, how does the Sensation experience differ to that of other well known events, for example the Global Gatherings, Creamfields, and EDC’s of the world?

DS: Firstly, Sensation offers a feeling of everyone being united because you’re all dressed in white. Secondly, it feels like the biggest club on earth on that particular evening, and as a result all the energy stays in the main room, so together with the show and decoration, we really take you through a journey.

GDD: As a huge set of events, you must be constantly attempting to push the boundaries for the dance music consumer. How do you make each Sensation unique and different from the previous one?

DS: We have a team of more than 20 people who work full time on setting up the party. The creative guys spend over a year working full time on a new show and every year they come up with new ideas. This technique helps us evolve and develop new experiences for the party-goer.

GDD: Are you able to tell us what new touches the Sensation group are bringing to London this weekend?

DS: We have thrown these shows many times now, and each time it has evolved, so it really is close to perfection. The O2 venue is beautiful and because we’ve sold out, I think the energy will be amazing!

GDD: I heard a rumor you’re moving to the States later this summer?

DS: Yes, we’re moving to New York.

GDD: So Sensation’s going to throw parties in the US then – when and where’s the first one taking place?

DS: We don’t know where the first event will be held yet, but electronic music is taking off right now and we are looking forward to being part of the dance scene over there.

GDD: You must have experienced some of the world’s finest clubs, where are your personal favourites to enjoy a night out when you’re not working?

DS: Either Ibiza in pre-season, or Queensday in Amsterdam.

GDD: What’s been your favourite country to hold an event in so far? And who dances the best and goes the hardest?

DS: The people in Chile dance the hardest, but always the first show in any country is an amazing thing to witness.

GDD: Cheers for taking the time Duncan, we’re looking forward to Saturday.

If you’re heading to Sensation this weekend keep an eye out for the GDD stickers and come say whats up. No rioting please, let’s keep this blissful.

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