The Dirt #40: KMOC & sneevs

Dirt babes in space, summer jams from KMOC and a total snivilous tech out, let’s go!

KMOC- These tracks speak for themselves my friends. Check them out and enjoy.

• Modek – Une Belle Surpise

• Para One & Tacteel – Rome

• Jan Driver – Raveyard

• Grum- Fashion (Dolby Anol Faux Pas Remix)

• Edwin Van Cleef – Don’t Stop

• Edwin Van Cleef – Lisztomania (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)

And now we go deeper, you’ll of course want headphones on for this section…

• sneevs’ zip (6 tracks)

• Laserkraft 3D – Nein, Mann!
(Spotify Europe Only)

Found this little groovelocker on my girlfriend’s flash drive, in the music video, everyone has left the club but our bro must dance on.

• Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Kromo & Mad Owl Remix)

My friends Kromo and Mad Owl of the up and coming IGYO of NYC put together this big, BIG mix of a track that I thought I was completely over until I heard this. Festival power without the festival cheese, pass this onto Avicii and Swedish House Mafia.

• Marco Ruberto – The Guilty (Alex D’elia, Nihil Young Remix)

Primetime thumping minimal.

• Max Cooper – Wasp

Hypnotic minimal grind.

• Sunsetpeople – Mifune

One of my favorite Get Physical records in my collection, honey smooth grooves that stick with you.

• The Searchers – Stay in Love (Nicolas Jaar Edit) √+
(artist Spotify)

Perhaps the choicest pick of this bunch, Nicolas continues to consistently impress with subtle “Love Potion No. 9″ rework from a collection of edits he recently gave away.

all our best,

kmoc & sneevs



4 Responses to The Dirt #40: KMOC & sneevs

  1. Derek Loera says:

    Loving these new dirts with EMBEDDED players. Great way to preview tracks!

  2. Derek Loera says:

    Loving these new dirts with EMBEDDED players. Great way to preview tracks!

  3. Coby Argain says:

    love the players also, but this is one of the best dirts ive heard in recent memory… loving everything from the nudisco to the massive progressive but especially that pumping minimal/tech sound, keep it coming!

  4. JamesDS says:

    Support the OM, fresh grouped music releases through

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