The Dirt #39: aRod + Tre

Two men, seven letters: aRod + Tre.  One word, twelve heaters:  The Dirt.  This week Tre & I are proud to deliver to you our dirty dozen version of the The Dirt.  And let me just say…we mean business.

In honor of my esteemed colleague, Tre, I’ve come up with selections a little darker, deeper & dirtier than my usual disco self.  My electro has become a little more techno.  No Summer breeze yacht rides here…this is a rave in the underground jungle.  Put down the piña colada, grab a whiskey & get down with the grit: The Dirt #39 by aRod + Tre starts now.


• Alex Gopher – Virages (Light Year Remix)

This is Light Year on some serious acid.  Another top notch LY remix – Jordan & Mikey can do no wrong. The “Invasion/Virages” EP by Alex Gopher is one of the best of the year. We’ve already featured the Mumbai Science & Etienne De Crecy remixes and can now add the Light Year remix to this phenomenal bunch. Grab the EP here and go nuts.

• Fat Phaze – goodbye horses (Dalcan Remix)

This is a remake of the 1988 Q Lazzarus track which most of you will remember from this disturbingly awesome scene from “Silence of the Lambs”.  Fat Phaze update “goodbye horses” wonderfully & Dalcan’s remix turns it into a ripping electro-techno stomper.  Tuck your junk & dance the night away.  The “Goodbye Horses” EP is out now.

• R-A-G – Rage (Spaventi & Aroy Rawmix)

MOS Deep label boss Aroy Dee teams up with fellow Dutchman Marco Spaventi to bring you straight up jackin’ acid house. Get sweaty on this one.  Shout out to our main man Enos for sending me this Shadow Dancer Mix where I first discovered the track…fitting that it’s called “Rage”.

• Oopart – Robot Talk Show

Often times I hark back to the Justice/Daft Punk days of yesteryear & remember how much I enjoyed the sounds of the mid to late 2000s.  One recent track that’s helped me return to those fine times is “Robot Talk Show” by Oopart.  If Justice & Daft Punk had a little electro baby, its name would be Oopart.

• Alpines – Cocoon (Xxxy Remix)

British pop duo Alpines get the remix treatment from fellow countryman Xxxy.  Xxxy takes the shimmering & angelic sound of the original (watch the video here) & gives it a future-step sound.  Some parts house.  Some parts garage.  All parts stunning.  “Cocoon” is out August 22nd & features an additional remix by GDD™ IT girl Maya Jane Coles (as Nocturnal Sunshine).

• Only Children – Don’t Stop (Bit Funk Remix)

I was pleased to get permission to share this tune from the guys in the up and coming Chicago based DJ + production collective Only Children.  I’ve had it on repeat since its release back in June.  It’s another winning remix from fellow Chicago-ite & GDD™ favorite Bit Funk.  The “Don’t Stop” EP also features remixes by Hey Champ, Crazy P & Mighty Mouse.  Grab the VINYL off this Nuclear Family release here.

aRod .zip [6 tracks]


• RipTidE – What You Want (Original Mix) *320

RipTidE (aka Max Bedeker) is one of the most versatile producers in the scene today, with a wide range of tracks ranging from Nu-Disco, Electronic Ballads and Acid House.  Folks, RipTidE is an acid house-head’s dream, with a rolling bass line, a modulating filter and enough energy for even the most stubborn of DJs.

• DeSantaRosa – Fantasy (Original Mix) *320

At only 15 years of age, DeSantaRosa has begun making quite a name for himself.  “Fantasy” is a groovy tech-house tune that will make your hips sway and might even get you a little sweaty.  An essential for any late night dance party.

• Capa – Aurora (Original Mix) [Beatport]

Capa’s latest release, “Aurora” is truly unique.  It starts out as a melodic tech-house tune and slowly builds you up to big room awesomeness.  This track has taken a prime spot on all my playlists this week and it certainly is not one to be missed!

• Audionite – Kling Kong [Beatport]

What a monster!  Audionite’s Kling Kong hits you like a ton of bricks and leaves you wanting more.  The jungle style percussion fits in surprisingly well with the distorted synths to make a truly unique and massive sound!

• Suspect 44 – Japanese Schoolgirls [Beatport]

This is another track that has gained a spot on all my current playlists.  Japanese Schoolgirls is a progressive house head’s dream come true!  With a heavy, yet understated bassline, the perfect vocal samples and an explosive ending that drops your jaw, this track is complete fire!

• Fazhands – Mulberry (Original Mix) *320

This is an older one folks but it’s still one of my favorite Fazhands tracks.  I stumbled upon it while I was going through my iTunes the other day and just couldn’t stop listening to it.

Tre .zip [3 tracks]

aRod + TRE



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