Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix)

If it doesn’t feel like the weekend yet, Bit Funk’s remix of Justin Faust’s ‘Girl Talk’ will surely motivate you to leave your job and head straight to the bar. Out on Beatport today, this dreamy feel good remix is another smash addition to Brooklyn producer Bit Funk’s long list of great disco and house records, which I strongly encourage you to review.

Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix) by Bit Funk



3 Responses to Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk Remix)

  1. dude says:

    Bit Funk is from Chicago dawg.
    Also… the Gloves remix is the winner from that package…. Check out all the reviews and they will say the same :)

  2. aRod says:

    Bit Funk was based out of Chicago (and Toronto) and is now Brooklyn based.  Both remixes are bad ass. That’s why we included the GLOVES remix on our mix for Pacific Festival and then posted separately on the Bit Funk.


  3. girl talk says:

    Talk is the great musical bridge-builder of our time, and a hell of a lot of

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