Madeon – Pop Culture [Live Mashup]

By now, everyone knows the story of Madeon, the 17-year old French wizard who has received endless praise thus far in 2011. Nobody ever seems to have anything negative to say about him. That’s because he’s backed up all the talk by producing some of the best remixes of the year. And now, after he posted this video on his Facebook yesterday (and after it was re-posted by me & countless others in a matter of minutes), he’s backed up the “Next Great One” talk even more by flawlessly dropping 39 tracks in 3:30 and showing the world what the future of electronic dance music looks like.

The funny part is, this is just him toying around with what he calls a “little idea” for his live sets. You know…no big deal.




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  1. Tyler_Houston says:

    This Is Epic! I have High Hopes for the future of electronic music!

  2. Calvinalibra says:


  3. Freddie A says:


  4. rotter says:


  5. Subhumanoid says:

    the future is here!

  6. Shaw Walters says:

    the whole “that was just an idea” thing is a cover for hours upon hours of practice. no question that’s probably the best mashup performance i’ve ever seen or heard. memorizing where everything is on those pad grids is where he’s clearly got some off-the-charts IQ though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What is that pad that he’s using- does it just have all of the samples saved on there?  I’ve never seen anything like that.

  8. Guest says:

    If this is the future of electro music, I want out. It’s technically mindblowing and his skills are incredible, but it’s so hashed and crashed that it becomes painful to listen to.

  9. DJ Invisiboy says:

    Madeon’s track is nice. There are tons of us out there doing mashups on a
    launchpad (how to’s on my site). While this video focuses more on the
    “gimmick” element of what we do, it’s still a good track and it’s good
    to get more attention for what we’re doing, outside of labels and legal

    Thanks for posting!

  10. TrevorElwell is retarded says:

    @TrevorElwell:disqus seriously? if you don’t know what this is you might just want to actually learn what is required to make electronic music before posting a comment proving your ignorance!

  11. Mortal says:

    This is technology, not a person. So a five year old can hack a playstation… does that make him a hacker? I do like the sound but with 200 bucks and a whole lot of free time (ie 17 and no job/life) voila “Mash up” is real production not snidbits on a speak and say

  12. Mcmeow Thepartycat says:

    Madeon is female..

  13. protocollie says:

    Well, people being dicks to satisfy their own egos aside, it’s a novation launchpad. He’s got it hooked up to ableton live and is using it to trigger clips and control instruments on it. It’s just a midi controller, not an instrument in its own right.

  14. Alitz says:

    This *is* his job, you hack! It takes a lot of talent to hear how these songs could compliment each other and making a track that receives this much attention. You sound like a jealous chump. 

  15. Rododendron says:

    absolut genius, this guy is the future of the human race!

  16. Guest says:

    This is the dumbest post I have ever seen “Mortal”.  Try 1/16th of what he has done and I’d be willing to bet you’ll fail worse than Christina Aguilera singing the national anthem.

  17. Guest says:

    Hacking a Playstation is still hacking. Hacking isn’t just raeping servs and this kid isn’t just having the tech do everything for him. I’ve seen tons of EDM musicians use the same setup for live show.

  18. Anonymous says:

    While this may look cool and all, remember that the Dust Brothers basically did the same thing with the Beastie Boys’s “Paul’s Boutique” and with Beck’s “Odelay” albums. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey may not have actually know what it was, you know.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You could just be kind and tell him – it saves you time and energy to just say “Oh, it’s a Novation Launchpad” rather than rip him a new one just for not knowing everything that goes into it. You may want to actually learn what is required to be a decent person before you pump up your ego tearing people up on blog comments.

  21. Influence Tandoi says:

    you are the definition of a hater 

  22. Gfunk657 says:

    heres an unreal  and recent interview with Madeon

  23. Mortal says:

    While he punches in the next loop the sync is in even though he’s not in time. Technology / midi does that.

  24. Mortal says:

    Nope. Quality debater. Like I said the sound is good. But when most people who watch this think he’s some kind of unassisted genius then we all lose. Apelton live is not a dj, and a midi trigger is not a musician.

  25. Mortal says:

    I like the response. Midi triggers do not the musician make. “GUEST”

  26. Mortal says:

    He’s 17. I said I liked the way it sounded. Just not that the absurdly average will think that he’s doing much more than pushing buttons on a midi trigger. So jealous, nope. More power to him. You on the other hand need to calm down, breathe and read more slowly.

  27. 2:30 and on is sick as f*CK

  28. S.B. says:

    dude show us your skills or GTFO.

    Lemme guess, you watch Pro Soccer/Football and think you could get out there on the pitch and play ball if you just got into shape, right? right?

  29. Mortal says:

    Ok ok ok. Calm down. I’m out here. Any links will probably be deleted. soundcloud mortal hey ladies is all records. Hell, I love technology, I use a TTM57. No, I don’t watch the games.

  30. fk the haterz says:

    everyone stop being an idiot this is the best mashup ever made and the fact that he makes electronic or ‘produced’ music makes him just as much of a musician as anyone else, hence why he is being so highly praised for his works

  31. Indy says:

    this video makes me sick with jealosy! fuuuuuuu

  32. WHatup?! says:

    mortal you are SO damn right…. this is FAR away from a live performance…. its a preset mix in ableton…. theres nothing more to say about it…. pls guys get in touch with the ableton program before flaming righteous critics!!!

    his production skills are nice…. but thats all….

    everyone can produce good mashups if he has enough time…. mixing them live such as he did, is not possible with this setup

  33. Philip Lipp says:

    this “do it better” thing is just ridiculous…. you seem to have NO experience with ableton etc….. its a fucking PRESET set with alot faking around… if it would be LIVE he would modulate a synth live and he would be working with a drum machine! so pls stfu hipster kid…. go and listen to your ed banger shit and dont bother real musicians, which know sth about the materia….

    a real keyboard/ synth popper

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