[Penguin Prison x Goldroom] + [Goldroom x Charles I]

After releasing one of the biggest EPs of the Summer, Goldroom (Josh Legg) continues his banner season with a brand new remix of “Fair Warning” by Penguin PrisonGoldroom replaces the electro pop, John Hughes soundtrack vibe of the original and forges on with his signature Summer sound.  This time around Goldroom takes us on a boat ride along the California coast filled with champagne + gold bikinis.

Also coming in hot is a remix of Goldroom’s track “Morgan’s Bay” by GDD™ friend Charles I (Sam Luria), who is fresh off his own summertastic EP “Out of This World”Charles I’s version of “Morgan’s Bay” is the perfect compliment to the original.  If the original of “Morgan’s Bay” is the backdrop to a lazy day stranded on a tropical island, then the Charles I remix is its blissed out nighttime counterpart.

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Goldroom Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™

Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay (Charles I Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™

And don’t forget about Goldroom’s Verano Mix 2011!




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