Retro/Grade x Maxxi Soundsystem

London’s Retro/Grade are to release their new Mindfighter EP at the end of the month. It marks the first of three EPs they’ll be releasing this year, which together will form the duo’s debut album. If you’re not already familiar with Retro/Grade, it’s the side-project of Tom Neville and Serge Santiago, two world renowned producers at the top of their game. With new single ‘Mindfighter’, Retro/Grade have delivered a heavy-hitting piece of italo-disco, the video of which you can stream below. Stay tuned for the full release and concluding album, but in the meantime check out the new vid and be sure to cop the mellower Maxxi Soundsystem remix, which I’m feeling a lot at the moment:

Retro/Grade – Mindfighter (Maxxi Soundsystem Warehouse Mix) by Retro/Grade
Sweet FA



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  1. UltimateCowboy says:

    Agreed – the Maxxi Soundsystem is a little smoother. 

  2. Sgt.Pepper says:

    why 96 mb?

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