Troy Kurtz – Haute & Bothered Vol. 2


Last summer, fellow blog bros Tron Jeremy, ///Bones, and I made exclusive mixes for our good friends over at Hot Biscuits. We were told they could be any genre, any style, any whatever. At the time, I had a major falling out with our lascivious lover, Miss Electro, and went pretty left-field, which spawned the first Haute and Bothered. Since then, the obscurity of artists like James Blake, Julio Bashmore, and Canblaster have filled that hole in my heart was left gaping after my sorrowful break-up. Raise your glasses, folks. We’re toasting to the future.

Troy Kurtz – Haute & Bothered Vol. 2 by Troy Kurtz



O Children – Fault Line (Canblaster remix)
Jacques Green – (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want
Soul Clap ft. Charles Levine – Lonely C
High Powered Boys – Work (Tom Trago remix)
Julio Bashmore – Ask Yourself
A1 Bassline – Stabs
Brenmar – So High
Kito, Reija Lee – On The Jam
French Fries & Chaos In The Cbd – With You
Kahn – Like We Used To
Canblaster – Clockworks
Kastle – Better Off Alone



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