GDD™ Exclusive: The Beatards – Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)

Our buddy Clockwork has turned down the tempo in this new Moombahton remix of The Beatards, the Brooklyn trio responsible for the popular Mixtape Riot parties in New York City. Straying from his big room Electro sound as found in the first release on our DirtyNitrus micro-label, Henry puts a fun twist on the original that is bountifully bouncy and definitely club-ready.

The Beatards – Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)





2 Responses to GDD™ Exclusive: The Beatards – Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)

  1. Clockwork doing moombah now… this kid is too talented. and i realise that saying “kid” maybe patronising, but still, these days, every year counts, and being 20 something, Clockwork is mixed up in this whole world of young producers hitting it right in this market (thinkingof Madeon in this).

    p.s. just listened now: very nice. but the main issue i have with moom is that its too diffiucult to be different. the only thing you can have different is the beat, cos the drop is pretty standard. though, that being said, even this is less “dutchy” and more john roman – sala…-y.

    also, thanks GDD for supporting Clockwork so much, liked his productions for a long long time, and you have fantastic taste.

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    Clockwork moombah doing now … this guy is too talented. and I understand that the “Kid” Perhaps the word paternalistic, but still, now an annual fall, and is 20 something, Clockwork is messed up in this world of young producers, striking the right in this market (thinkingof Madeon here).


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