John Roman – Sala EP

Our good friend John Roman has just released his Sala EP today on Plant Music, and he is being kind enough to give away the b-side to you in full quality! The track, ‘War Drums,’ has already received support from many producers including Mr. Theo Keating, AKA Fake Blood, who very eloquently pointed out the obvious, stating, “You can’t not dance to this.” We’re also excited to be in the works of collaborating with PIE Artists for a tour for John this July and August where he’ll be supporting the amazing Belgian duo, Mumbai Science, with dates from SD to SF already booked up! Make sure to keep up on John’s Facebook and head on over to Beatport to pick up the full Sala EP release today!

John Roman – War Drums (Original Mix)




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  1. YES! i completely missed this. Made a bootleg of Sala for myself months ago after an essential mix i heard. So glad to be able to buy the original now. Thanks GDD for the news.

  2. jonahberry says:

    no problem! that’s what we’re here for :)

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