DN002: NT89 & Camel – Flush/Jetlag, INTERVIEW + EXCLUSIVE MIX!

Today marks a big release for our label project with Hardfest’s Nitrus records.  We proudly bring you the second release from DIRTYNITRUS: NT89 & Camel‘s collaborative production ‘Flush’ and b-side ‘Jetlag.’ These tracks have been sought after for almost a year, with the Crookers dropping it in their BBC Radio1 Mix and as well @ I LOVE TECHNO. Soon after, we got a taste of it in Busy P & Brodinski’s HARD Halloween Mix.

With the help of our friends at PIE ARTISTS Management, we were able to chat with Nima Tahmasebi (aka NT89) about the release and his climbing presence in the electronic music scene. On top of that, we have an exclsuive mix for you from him as well! So check out the tracks below, read the interview and grab the mix! What a day!

NT89 & Camel – Flush / Jetlag (snippets) by NT89


Interview + Exclusive mix after the jump!

GDD: To get things started off right, what’s your drink of choice? First one is on the blog.
NT89: Vodka and Pineapple juice

GDD: Being from Italy, how were you musically raised that influenced you to produce Electronic music? What bands or artists did you grow up listening to?
NT89: When I was 10 my older brother bought the Daft Punk first album, I immediately fell in love with it, growing up I started to discover also the beautiful darker side of electronic music with Tiga, Dj Hell and all the german scene.

GDD: How did you land the job as studio assistant for the Bloody Beetroots? What did it consist of?
NT89: It’s a secret I can’t talk about it.

GDD: Haha…given the Bloody Beetroot’s style of production, is it safe to say that you’re more of a hardware than a VST man then? What’s your home production setup consist of?
NT89: Actually Bloody Beetroots started with software production, just lately he’s using more & more analog gear, so am I.

GDD: You’re live performance is something unique and definitely makes you stand out from just the standard DJ set. What all makes up your live setup and what exactly are you doing towards the live performance?
NT89: It’s a wider and more personal expression of my ideas, it’s entirely produced and composed by me, I have the total control of each single sound live, it runs trought ableton and 3 launchpads.

GDD: We hear you use Native Instruments’ Traktor when DJing and we’re big supporters of that over here as well. What do you like most about Traktor, specifically the new Traktor 2?
NT89: I love traktor, it gives endless possibiities to a dj set, even more with the new sample decks option.

GDD: You’ve played all over the world and I’m sure every show has been an experience. Where have you had the most fun and where do you think NT89 has the best crowd support?
NT89: It’s really hard to pick a favourite but i would say at Rauw in Amsterdam with Erol Alkan, i really felt like the whole crowd was feeling every single second of that set, incredible vibes…about the crowd I think the english and the dutch ones make me feel totally free to try anything.

GDD: That being said, when are we going to see you finally come to the US? We understand you had some Visa issues and we were heartbroken to hear that…
NT89: Yes there wasn’t basically enough time to get it done before my departure so we decided to make it later, I don’t know the exact dates yet but i hope very soon

GDD: We’ve seen you’re sound grow since 2008 when you first made your name known…. How have you been influenced since you started producing electronic music? Any artists/producers you have to give credit to that helped shape your sound today?
NT89: Yes, obviously there is someone who helped me a lot, I have to thank mainly Congorock, Brodinski, Bloody Beetroots & Shinichi Osawa for supporting me and giving me wise suggestions about my sound and my career, about the influence I think the whole stuff Turbo has been releasing is super inspiring.

GDD: Having said that, your original tracks and remixes have been supported by just about all the big names today in the electronic music scene. Anyone in particular that’s really helped boost your confidence with their support?
NT89: Erol Alkan, he’s my hero, when I heared him playing my track I felt like I was going in the right direction.

GDD: Your collaboration with Camel “Flush” and “Jetlag” are finally coming out this week on our collaborative label with Hardfest’s Nitrus Records. How did that collaboration (with Camel) come about in the past? Who would you
love to work with on a track if you could with anyone? Any upcoming collaborations you can tell us about as well?
NT89: We were exchanging tracks then we both loved eachothers stuff and we thought maybe a collaboration would make something very good, one day I made that big bass flute and I immediately thought he could make this amazing with his signature drums and groove feeling. Jetlag was the inverse, the initiial idea was his and I added my structure. We’re very proud with the end results… I would love to work with anyone I admire, I don’t know, it would be awesome & a bit weird to pass some time in studio with Sven Vath, something different than my usual taste.

GDD: Do you think music blogs have been important to the rising popularity of electronic music? What is your stance on how music is passed along so quickly via the internet, through music blogs and aggregator sites like Hype Machine? Has it been beneficial for your tracks and mixes specifically?
NT89: I think they have been essential to this scene, maybe the most important aspect, it was very exciting in the first times but then like, everything getting very popular it got out of control and now there are just very few blogs who you can actually trust with bringing quality.

GDD: THINK FAST – If you were a superhero, what one special power do you think you would have and why would you want it?
NT89: No doubt on this – teleportation and I think every travelling dj agrees with me.

GDD: What’s next for NT89? Any top secret plans you can hint us on? What other producers should we look out for this year?
NT89: I’m working on some big collaborations (I can’t spoil the names yet) and more original material.
I think TWR72, Clouds, John Roman & RipTide will be big very soon.

GDD: And finally, when your not working, do you like to dance dirty?

*Well there you have it folks! True words from NT89, and below we have his exclusive mix for GDD and his DirtyNitrus release, so get the mix and make sure to get DN002: Flush/Jetlag, out now on Beatport!

NT89 – DirtyNitrus Mix by GottaDanceDirty

NT89 & Camel – Flush
Disco of Doom – Space
Pleasurekraft – Anubis (NT89 edit)
1984 – Arabesque (NT89 remix)
DBX Errorsmith – Schitzo Neck (Obi Blanche edit)
Maxime Dangles – Goodjob
Stephan Bodzin – Tron
Hurts – Better than Love (Burns’ European Sex Version) (DUB)
NT89 – DB
Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher (NT89 remix)



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