Hypnolove – Holiday Reverie

Before you go out and purchase the track “Holiday Reverie” by Hypnolove for $1.46, please note that the song comes with special instructions.  Upon listening to the track, please be sure to do the following:
• Wear as little clothing as possible
• Be near water
• Have a cocktail in hand, something exotic (make sure you have sunglasses on so you don’t poke your eye out with whatever giant piece of fruit is sticking out the top of the drink)
To keep it easy and stay extra breezy, follow these simple instructions before you throw on “Holiday Reverie”.  The “Holiday Reverie” EP is available for digital download NOW here.

Extra breezy bonus – free download of Mickey Moonlight’s dub of “Midnight Cruising”!

Hypnolove – Midnight Cruising (Mickey Moonlight Dub)




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