Belgium: We Love House 3 w/ Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson

We Love House is bringing you their 3rd massive event featuring the Detroit Techno pioneers Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. On June 25th, The Mirano Continental in Brussels, Belgium will be the place to be, especially with two accomplished veterans on the bill. Take advantage of this opportunity We Love House is graciously presenting to you!

We Love House aims to create a unique musical experience inspired by the original Chicago Warehouse parties in the infancy of House music. With the original idea behind House music as a medium for the unification of diverse cultures in a peaceful, fun, and quality atmosphere, We Love House strives to symbolize the rejuvenation of those ideals.  It seems that they’re certainly on their way to realizing their vision with the approach of uniting the world’s finest DJs and vocal artists in the history of house music. The plethora of electronic music events out there makes it difficult to distinguish which ones are worth attending, yet We Love House stands out amongst the rest as it is not just another party; it’s a journey into time and space, a lesson in the history of House. It is a reminder that behind the music there is a movement spreading a spiritual message of peace, hope, and tolerance. Be conscious of this concept as it is already gaining momentum throughout European markets such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, London, and Luxembourg.

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