Binary’s Josh Legg (of the trio NightWaves) has decided to venture out on his own & go solo for a bit.  Goldroom is the (very fitting) name of his new project whose more obvious influences range from the classic sound of Braxe & Falke to the current sound of Classixx & Poolside (can a group with only one single like Poolside be influential? I say YES!).

Goldroom’s tracks are crafted with an indie songwriting foundation topped off with a full-body disco makeover.  The final result is the perfect L.A. Summer sound.  Goldroom is like one endless, glitter-filled waterslide ride from the top of the Hollywood Hills straight into downtown L.A.

Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay by Goldroom

Goldroom – City Girls by Goldroom

Goldroom – Nights In Nantes by Goldroom




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  1. Sketh says:

    Awesome post all three songs are rock

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