Poolside “Day & Night” Mixtape

Poolside have officially become the Guns N’ Roses of the mixtape world.  Not since Fall of 1991, when Guns N’ Roses simultaneously released “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II”, has a band so ambitiously (and successfully) pulled off two releases at once.  With the release of their two part “Day & Night” Mixtape, Poolside have done it.  Every Summer mixtape out there claims to be the soundtrack to the season.  But nobody has your Summertime covered, daytime AND nighttime, like Poolside does (Plus, their name is Poolside…you can’t really out-Summer that).

As we wish the boys from Poolside some GN’R-like success during their breakout Summer of 2011, let’s hope Filip & Jeffrey don’t go off on any mezcal fueled tirades towards each other & break-up during the height of their breakthrough, a la Axl & Slash.

Be sure to catch Poolside at Pacific Festival on August 13th!




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