GDD™ Premiere: Louis La Roche Scenery Mixtape Pt.2

Last month we teamed up with Louis La Roche to premiere his innovative new mixtape project entitled Scenery. The mixtape, which incorporates a wide range of production ideas he’s worked on, is to be delivered in three parts on the first of each month between May and July – So today being June 1st, we are able to unveil part 2.

Chatting with GDD™ in April, Louis La Roche told us: “there will be no tracklisting, the idea is that Scenery’s a listening experience of short songs that create a journey for the listener. This is a free project, released digitally by myself, and each part will come with individual artwork.”

Review and mixtape after the jump…

Part 2 kicks off with a downtempo and mesmerizing Tellier-esq jam before dropping into a faster piece of French-house sampling a Michael Jackson vocal. The 16 minute mix transitions between super melodic slower house, and the faster 127 filter-house sound LLR’s become known for. At 12.52 the mix changes direction again, this time dropping into a really mellow trip-hop tune akin to Morcheeba.

I can’t emphasize enough how impressive this project is, demonstrating Louis La Roche’s versatility as a producer of great electronic music across the board. In an age where music gets surpassed in a matter of hours rather than months or years, it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd – this mixtape certainly does that.

Without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to bring you Part 2 of Louis La Roche’s Scenery Mixtape:
Louis La Roche – Scenery Mixtape Part 2 by louislaroche

Missed out on Scenery Part 1? That’s okay, here’s a link.
Stay tuned for Part 3, the final piece of Scenery, which will drop via GottaDanceDirty on July 1.

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  1. OMG this is better than Mixtape part 1!! Awesome, mr. Roche! 😉

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