Roska – Error Code / Abrupt

With a plethora of new genres emerging, London’s new bass scene can come off a little confusing. Many people don’t know what to think of it and some have already claimed the scene is old and stale. However, I firmly believe the critics are dead wrong.

Reason number one? Roska.

Roska has been at the forefront of the UK bass scene for years, producing hit after hit. With a trademark sound of hard-hitting, complex percussion, deep, dark bass, and just the right amount of funk to get you dancing dirty, it’s no wonder Roska has gained a massive, widespread following.  Well, that following should be jumping for joy today because Roska’s newest EP, Error Code / Abrupt is the stuff of legends!

Don’t take my word for it though, pick up Roska’s new EP on Beatport today! [Purchase Link]

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  1.  Roska’s a badman. Really feeling that EP man, cheers for the heads up

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