The Dirt #33: Style of Eye

Pay attention kiddos, big tunes ahead!  In this week’s edition of “The Dirt,” we are proud to present the incredibly talented, Linus Eklow, aka Style of Eye.  The Stockholm native is known for his eclectic sound, which stylistically utilizes a fresh blend of techno, house and a healthy dose of raw, grinding electro. He has had a considerable amount of success with releases on Dirtybird Records, whom you’ll recall from the from Claude VonStroke/Justin Martin CONTROL at Avalon last Friday.  With support from some of dance music’s biggest names (John Dahlback, Tiga, and Swedish House Mafia to name a few), Style Of Eye is on track to fulfilling DJ Mag’s prediction of becoming an “Important Future Star.”  We predict he will continually blow us away with innovative productions, pumping DJ sets and generally just being a really cool guy.  Most of these are unreleased or brand new so read more for streams of his top tracks with my commentary after the jump…

NT89 – DB (demo) by GottaDanceDirty
Linus is a big fan of this unreleased monster that NT89 was nice enough to send us a demo for.  With support coming not only from him but from Tiga, Erol Alkan, Laurent Garnier, Diplo, The Bloody Beetroots, Congorock, Shinichi Osawa and Brodinski as well, NT89 is absolutely the latest Italian to watch.

Feedback (Original Mix) by GottaDanceDirty

Swanky?  Not really.  Epic?  Most definitely.  Especially the break down.  Cosmic brutality.  Is this track a nod to Daft Punk – Rollin’ & Scratchin’?

Gesaffelstein – Hatred by GottaDanceDirty

Jacking, darkness that lets out into one solid distorted groove.  Surround DJ with brick walls, place underground, play loudly, watch walls drip sweat.

• Mixhell – Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix) by Boysnoize Records

You know how much we love Mumbai Science and all of Boys Noize Records.  In true Mumbai Science fashion, this beast kicks off into a sinister bangin’ techno take on Mixhell.

• Marble Players (Para One, Surkin & Bobmo) – Marble Anthem (Snippet) by Marble Music

Sound familiar?  Botnek put this in The Dirt #32.  Out there rhythms challenge and delight the ear as they crank along with a fresh take on a classic house lead.  Can’t wait for more to come from Marble Players, the inarguable force to be reckoned with lately.

• Tony Senghore Burnin’ by tonysenghore

ACT YO AGE proclaimed that “ACID MACHINE FUNK WILL NEVER DIE” after listening to this.  Funky organic squeals twist up and funk up into a nod to the acid of years past.  Gotta love the robotic children’s choir at the end, too.

Crookers Pres. Dr Gonzo: Springer by Southern Fried Records

Crookers latest collab album under pseudonym Dr. Gonzo is massively bonkers and, as Annie Mac put it, “sounds like it’s from another planet.”  Be sure to check out Bust ’em Up as well.

Felix Cartal – The  Joker (preview) by Felix Cartal

Ravey sirens without getting too over the top provide just the right amount of squelch in some fresh Cartal.

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16 Responses to The Dirt #33: Style of Eye

  1. no more downloads?

  2. Derek Savoie says:

     my fav dirt to date

  3. Derek Savoie says:

     My fav dirt to date. Feedback is massive

  4. Austin says:

     No more zips?

  5. Ringo says:

    Only soundcloud now?

  6. Saleteur says:

     Where the fuck has gone my free music?!?

  7. disgruntled goat says:

     gotta dance like a pussy with no free music

  8. thepatweir says:

     When I tell everyone about the blog that my shirt is from I say, This is where I get all my free music from now, you guys should check it out its really awesome every week they give out a huge pack of music for free…. I guess I have to revise that? 

  9. oliver says:

    wheres is all the free music gone to ? i loved your blog for the way you spread music over the web , but if i want soundcloud links i can go there by myself…. so please get back to your old styles and pack the dirt in a zip file and let us all be part of it!  

  10. sneevs says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, dear readers!  Sounds like you guys need a good ‘ol fashioned “NORMAL DIRT,” to calm you down, with download links and a zip file.

    This one is, as we mentioned, chocked full of unreleased tracks and new shit that you won’t find anywhere else, which took a lot of coordination and clearance with the artists and labels to get together.  Looks like a few people can appreciate it, what does everyone else think?

    Would you rather see two guest dirts a month alongside two normal dirts with .zip files?  All normal dirts?  Let us know, we’re listening.

     And disgruntled goat, sorry to hear that no free music makes you dance like a pussy.  Hopefully you’ll rediscover your dirty ways in weeks to come.  😉

  11. Saleteur says:

     Sneevs, the problem is not that we need an old fashionned dirt. The problem is that days after days, this site is more filled with Soundcloup and beatport link that don’t allows us to have some free music.
    This is a blog where djs do their promotion and where we could discover some new artists. But who really want of a streaming music blog and link’s to their beatport. First artist gives us some free tunes then we go to buy the rest of their collection IF we like it and they have to prove even after all that we have to buy their new realeses. People love what is free.
     Simple as Fuck.
    (sorry if there is any misstypes but i had done my best as a french ^^)

  12. jonahberry says:

     Hey guys. We really appreciate your feedback on this. We still try to put up as much free music as possible, but as we’ve grown we’ve needed to keep good relationships with artists and labels, meaning that we can’t put up 320s of every track of every post.

    We’ll do our best to find a balance between as much free music to giveaway as possible as well as post new tracks that you may not have heard of and may want to buy or search online for another site that may be willing to post in full quality. We just need to keep our integrity with copyright laws and regulations.

    We love all of our readership, and the last thing we want is for you guys to stop coming here for good music, so don’t worry, we’ll keep bringing the fuego.



  13. bring back the zips!

  14. Support says:

     Gotta Dance Dirty sucks now!!! Thank god for the other blogs that haven’t sold out!!!!

  15. jonahberry says:

    @Support If by selling out you mean respecting artists and copyright laws, then yep, you’ve pegged us. GDD has sold out. Good luck to the “real” blogs out there. We’re just gonna keep doing what we do!

  16. Cdirks says:

    If you have ever ran a real blog, or even understand how it works, then you know exactly what Jonah is talking about, they will shut down GDD if they start breaking copyright laws, or artists and record labels will not give them the sick ass exclusives before anyone else even has them out. Ask yourself that do you want GDD gone because your a greedy ass. Besides I personally just want to be informed of the song, I can go rip it of mediafire or hulkshare illegally somewhere else if I want to, and I know all you know how to do that as well if your bitching about this. Bottom line support blogs like GDD who are pioneers, support artists and record labels too, don’t be a cheap ass puss.

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