Short Circuit – How We Speak

Andrew Verner, dba Short Circuit, is an electronic music producer born & raised in L.A. who has taken the influences of his City of Angels upbringing & channeled them into an electronic/robotic one man showShort Circuit’s style blends just the right amount of disco, punk + robo-pop that can supply the soundtrack to any 4am drive in the Hills, any downtown rooftop pool party or any makeout sesh on the beach.

Short Circuit’s new track, “How We Speak” is a dance floor filler that has a punchy disco sound (a la a live set from The Twelves) layered with vocoded vocals + heartfelt lyrics (pay attention to what the android in love has to say…it’s actually rather sweet).  The track is the first release off the soon to be unleashed “Late Night Drives”.   GDD™ buds, Binary Records, will be releasing “Late Night Drives” coming up on May 23rd.

Short Circuit – How We Speak by Binary Entertainment

Bonus jam – Binary newcomer, Joypopp, gets the remix treatment from label sibling Short Circuit:

Joypopp – Volupte (Short Circuit Remix) by Binary Entertainment




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