The Dirt #32: Botnek

This week we bring you another special edition of our weekly piece, “The Dirt” by the up and coming Canadian production duo, Botnek. You may remember them from a post GDD™ resident  ///Bones put up a few weeks ago featuring their tracks “Dozer” and “Pop Music.” We are not the only ones to recently take notice of this fast-rising DJ duo, as their unreleased track “Owls” was featured by famed Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac on her mix show this past week, and Radio 1 DJ Kissy Sellout has championed their sound so much that he asked them to do an official remix of his newest track “Homesick.” If you like what you hear and want even more Botnek, make sure to pick up their first EP “Plonk” which was officially released just TODAY over on Beatport.

You can check out all their newest tracks + exclusive Debut/Download of a killer new track of theirs after the jump! Enjoy!

Marble Players (Para One, Surkin & Bobmo) – Marble Anthem (Snippet) by Marble Music

“when we listen to tracks we wanna hear sounds that we haven’t heard done better before by someone need a reason to wanna play a song, there can’t be other tunes that do the same thing but better.every once in a while you come across a totally next level jam that pushes things just a little further, this is one of them.this is the kind of track that when it drops you are either extremely on board, or can’t stand it, and that kind of reaction makes good club music!”

New Song “Owls” played by Annie Mac on BBC R1 by BOTNEK

“owls” is an incredibly new jam for us, doesn’t even have a label yet! story behind it is we were both pretty messed up at this party, and we just started talking about this funny drop idea, erick happened to have his laptop in his bag, and we just grabbed the laptop, some headphones, and some beers, and starting making bleep noises. when i met annie mac in montreal at her gig i gave her the jam, and was super stoked that she dropped it last night!”

BOTNEK – Plonk (Preview) by BOTNEK

“we probably shouldn’t have posted this so long before it’s release, but we’re so stoked that people are still really excited about it! it’s funny, cos we made it really quickly, just by replacing some sounds from this ok demo we started, and immediately just burst out laughing at the drop. we were thinking, “is this club music? will people dance to this?”  and luckily people have really reacted well!”

01 Laquisha (feat Taiwan) by GottaDanceDirty

“french fries is one of our favourite producers.  his stuff is just so impeccably well mixed, especially the drums when this track first came out we were floored, it just crushes in the club.  the chords and the vocals give it a very long shelf life for us. can’t wait to see where he’ll push it next.”

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

“when we first heard the idea of moombahton being basically slow dutch house, we thought there was no way that it’d be effective. then we came across munchi and jams like this, which bang so hard.  we love how simple this track is, and how much attitude it has. this is like the waka flocka flame of moombahton.”

123 (Original Mix) by Palms Out Sounds

“lol boys are doing great stuff this year, and its dope to see fellow producers from montreal getting recognition.this is our favourite jam of theirs because of that undeniable hook and that tropical percussion. it’s good summer vibes from these boys!”

Munchi – Gracias by Munchi

“this is a good example of a jam that could outlive the trendy genre it belongs to. we’re calling it moombahton for now, but it could live in any reggaeton, latin or dancehall set for years. it’s sampling a pretty famous samba track, but brought up to speed with modern production. just proper feel good vibes!  this will get girls dancing for sure”

Keith & Supabeatz – What Does It Take (Original Mix) // HIGHER PLACE EP by Keith & Supabeatz

“we wanna be just like keith and supabeatz when we grow up.  their stuff just keeps getting hotter.they just know how to extract the best ideas in a track and get the most of out them, and this track is a great example. the hook is really simple, and works.  no need to overthink things.  super effective track.”

Yelle – Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue remix) by BeatauCue

“Beataucue have the ability to frustrate us because they are so good haha. we love them because they’re not afraid to make something almost absurdly wild for their drops.the kind of almost comical noises that really separate a simple dutch track from something more forward thinking and next level.also their stuff just sounds incredible in clubs.  tracks like this come hard.”

Kissy Sell Out & Oh Snapp!! – “Homesick (Botnek Remix)” by BOTNEK

“we were super stoked when kissy sell out asked us to do a remix for his new single, being fans of his radio was a funny situation tho cos we only had a couple days to do it, and i was moving at the time, so we had to work really fast! ideally we would have spent more time on it, but we tend to work a lot better under stress, so it kinda worked out! we hesitated at first thinking the drop was a little too wacky for people, but had no time to rethink it, so it had to stick! hope people like bird noises haha.”

Wes De Graaf VS Dooze Jackers – Fear Nah Ragga (Snippet) by Dooze Jackers

“dooze jackers are our montreal brothers! we’re making sure this city gets its fix of fresh zaps and beeps. this is still for us their best track. they’re pretty consistent with that military drum style dutch sound, and what we love about it is is that whole “more with less” philosophy. this track is so stupid simple, and thats what make it so on point. that drop with just kicks and flutes always gets me.”


Botnek – Technopical (Right click save)

“Here is a jam we literally finished today.  just wanted to hook up a little exclusive for the blog, and thank everyone for all the support! buy 100 copies of plonk when it drops monday, k thanks!”



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