Marseille – Dak Dak EP

What’s up dirty dancers?  I hope your weekend was as good as mine.  Personally, this was one of those weekends that was epic enough to make Monday suck even more.  However, instead of trying to decide the least painful way to off myself, I have found that this particular Monday hasn’t been too terrible. Why? Because I have been bumping Marseille‘s new EP, Dak Dak all day long. A true breath of fresh air, Marseille gives us something new in a constantly over-saturated scene. The young producer has been turning heads with his intricate synthesis, complex song structure and distinct sound.

These tracks have been championed by the likes of The Proxy, Feadz and Das Glow. So don’t sleep on this dark and driving EP, it does not disappoint!

Pick up the EP on Beatport now! [Purchase Link]

01.The Killing Sun by GDD-Tre

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