YouTube Channel Launch, “GDD Coachella 2011: Welcome to Sahara.”

• Calvin Harris – Awooga (Beatport)

Cancel your Hulu Plus account, GDD TV has arrived.  We set Cassidy, our new favorite intern and videographer, loose with a flip cam for three days and nights to document you, dirty dancers, doing what you do best in the Sahara tent.  Apparently there were other stages as well?  I didn’t notice any.  There’s always next year for those.  Be sure to comment here, on the video and on our facebook to let us know what you think.  Then tweet us.  Happy Friday.

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7 Responses to YouTube Channel Launch, “GDD Coachella 2011: Welcome to Sahara.”

  1. TZB says:

    thanks for the video. saw some friends on it. So awesome. thanks again

  2. sneevs says:

    Glad you liked it! Which one is your friend? Hopefully the hula hoop chick. Killing it!

  3. andrew says:

    hahah!! my friends and i are in the video.. my buddy scott at 39 seconds and our unicorn flag in the back at 52 seconds.. epic

  4. Britney says:

    video is awesome and finally gdd tv! its what you guys needed. nowwww how bout another useful intern you could hire?? hehe

  5. Ozzy R. says:

    Can you guys put up something about his new song Bounce feat Kelis.
    That and Awooga are dope.

    I agree with Britney, i’d love to intern also.
    maybe a street team in San Fran?

  6. Lopro says:

    Great Job guys! Great Video, felt like I was there again!! – from the boys @ Newestra!! Keep it Lit!!!

  7. Dropps says:

    Gawd that was boss. That tent ran my blackout life for three nights straight…

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