Le Prix

Truth be told, I’m pretty overdue for a post, but just when I was about to serve up a couple of new remixes from France’s Lifelike, I took notice of a Swedish producer by the name of Le Prix that he was following on SoundCloud. Safe to say that if you’re a Lifelike fan, you’re going to love Le Prix. Listen to his latest remix and his new EP after ze jump.

• Mon Garçon – Missing Piece of Puzzle (Le Prix Remix)
Nu disco start with a techno drop? Anybody who remembers the word “electroclash” should give this one a listen.

• Le Prix – Watch The World Go By EP
The B-side “Don’t Wait” is my favorite of the EP.


Alright, here’s one of the Lifelike remixes I was going to post anyway.

• Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You (Lifelike Remix)



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  1. bowchickabow119 says:

    + extra points for that picture

  2. All these tracks are incredible!

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