Classixx – Into The Valley (YACHT Remix)

It’s been almost two years since Classixx remixed YACHT’s “Psychic City” (one of Classixx’s all-time uh…classic remixes).  And being the good buds that they are, YACHT are returning the favor in big fashion with their remix of Classixx’s “Into The Valley” (anchored by the soulful groove of Brooklyn’s Karl Dixon).  YACHT’s remix starts off like Stevie Wonder on a pill and continues to build into a disco rave stomper.  Classixx: consider the favor returned.

Be sure to hop over to Green Label Sound to get a behind the scenes look at the new video for “Into The Valley” (which some of you may actually be in!) and to see what funny chaps Michael & Tyler of Classixx really are.

Classixx (feat. Karl Dixon) – Into The Valley (YACHT Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™




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