[Giveaway] DJ/Producer School Course

Aspiring DJs and producers do we have a treat for you! Voted ‘Best Music Production and DJ College’ six years in a row at the T-Scan Awards and championed by the likes of Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, and Mark Ronson, Point Blank is THE school to perfect and focus your musical production and DJing skills. With courses ranging from singing and songwriting to live sound engineering to advanced DJing, this hands-on and online school offers everything to help anyone turn into the next deadmowfive.

Thanks to the lovely people at Point Blank, we will be giving away one 4-week Pro Producer course to a lucky GDD faithful ($600 value!). This is an intermediate to advanced course, so contestants must have essential production skills already. Browse from the list of Pro Producer courses here.

Contest Information + Requirements:
– Comment on this post below with your name, email, and production course of choice
– ‘Like’ the Point Blank Facebook Page
– @ tag Point Blank and Gotta Dance Dirty in your Facebook status with some reference to the contest
– All contestants are welcome as this is an online course
– Winner will be announced next Wednesday April 20th

Good luck!





106 Responses to [Giveaway] DJ/Producer School Course

  1. Dubstep in Ableton!

  2. Daniel Gomez says:

    Studio Songwriting with Jony Rockstar sounds pretty sweet

  3. Jordan Kliss says:

    EDM Abelton Live!:)

  4. DirtyDumbo says:


  5. Myles Rulofs-Jones says:

    Minimal Techno Course !!!!!! 😀

  6. DirtyDumbo says:

    and I’m down for the Deep/Soulful House Course

  7. Marc says:

    Electro House Course – Logic

    Great giveaway guys!

  8. Ethan Young says:

    OH JESUS, I wanna take that minimal techno class soooooo bad!!!! ARGGGG I LOVE GDD!!!

  9. Gene Yooj Albert says:

    Name: Gene Yooj Albert
    email: yooj@easyloverecords.com
    course: Mixing Dance Music – Ableton Live

  10. Never to proud to seek knowledge

  11. White Mike says:

    Mike Holmes, mike@whitemike.com, EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  12. ME ME ME 😀 haha
    Name: Julian Daniels
    Email: jaycdaniels@gmail.com
    Course: Dubstep Course – Ableton Live

  13. Danl says:

    Minimal Techno course. I have Acid House dreams….

  14. Ian J says:

    Electro House course.

  15. Alex Arrico says:

    EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  16. Ian J says:

    WANT IT SO BAD !!!!!!!!!

  17. FastEddy says:

    AHHH lemmie get dat DUBSTEP course.. I HATE SCHOOL & WANNA DJ TILL IM 85

  18. Henri Coelembier says:

    Amazing opportunity you’re giving away! 😉
    Henri Coelembier
    Henri Coelembier@hotmail.com

    And i’m interested in taking the Dubstep course for Ableton Live!!

  19. FastEddy says:


  20. Minimal Techno Course – Ableton Live

    Cheers from Nicaragua

  21. John Coffey says:

    Name – John Coffey

    Email – Johnncoffey@gmail.com

    Course of Choice – EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  22. EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  23. Fabian Campos
    Minimal Techno Ableton Course would awesome!!

  24. David Tsitsuashvili says:

    David Tsitsuashvili
    EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

    this would be sooo clutch! have been looking for that extra boost to up my game

  25. zerojake says:

    Jacob Riley
    I’d love the DJ Performance Ableton course!

  26. Saud nasri says:

    i would love to learn more about dubstep and ableton check out some of the stuff i already have on soundcloud really would like to win


  27. Saud nasri says:

    name- saud nasri

    Email- idaus@live.ca

    course of choice- dubstep ableton course

  28. Michael Mannerow says:

    Name – Michael Mannerow
    Email: mmannerow@hotmail.com
    Course of Choice: Dubstep

  29. Kyle Redman says:

    Kyle Redman
    Dubstep in Ableton Live

  30. Ryan Cyr says:

    Name: Ryan Cyr
    Email: r.r.j.cyr@gmail.com
    Course: Electro House

  31. Hasan Zaidi says:

    Hasan Zaidi
    Dubstep Course – Ableton Live

  32. Michael LeGore – micro5033@gmail.com
    Course of Choice: Ableton Advanced DJing

  33. Cody Crane says:

    DJ/Performance – Ableton Live

    So keen!

  34. Miguel Garcia says:

    Dubstep course please.

  35. Jordan Sontag says:

    Amazing opportunity, would love to expand my knowledge of Electronic music with Point Blank. I’ve taken a DJ course before and love the mixing aspect of music but I really am looking to learn about the production aspect to apply myself.

    Course of choice: Logic Pro Music Production Course

    best regards, jordan

  36. Jesse Ramey says:

    minimal tech in live!

  37. Derek Dellovo
    Electro House Course – Logic

  38. Thomas Bradley says:

    EDM course in ableton

  39. Cory Davis says:

    great contest idea.

    N: Cory D
    E: stereorebel@me.com
    C: EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  40. Aaron says:

    Aaron Gourdin
    EDM in Ableton Live!

  41. Dubstep course in Ableton Live Please!

  42. Mike M. says:

    mike EM (on fb)

    I choose Latin House or hip hop. booom

  43. keith armstrong says:

    electro house course would be tight!

  44. Miguel Garcia says:

    (i guess i forgot) email: garcia.miguel123@gmail.com

  45. zack setian says:

    I wanna take the minimal production course! been using pro tools and wanna learn as much as possible!

  46. zack setian says:

    really interested in learning more about any DAW. am familiar with ableton as well as protools, and a touch or logic.

  47. Mixing Dance Music with Ableton Live!

  48. Shaun says:

    Minimal techno and tech house production course in Ableton

  49. Dubstep Course – Ableton Live

    The womp I love
    The bass I’d drop
    To be part of that wave
    Can’t Stop. Me.

  50. Mario Adato says:

    Electro-House and Dubstep on Abelton 8!

  51. Henri Charuau says:

    The Dubstep course would be awesome. I got ideas that would rival GDD legend Dillon Francis. LET ME AT IT!

  52. Alex Bernal says:

    Electro House Course

  53. agardiner says:

    DJ/Performance w/ Ableton Live!

  54. Dear GDD,
    I would be a little too excited if this became an option for me. So in all honesty I’m going to kiss y’alls ass a little by telling you guys that your website is super awesome! I’ve been reading all of your blogs for about 2 years now, and you guys have introduced me to soooooo many great artists. Big thanks for that, and big thanks to the artists for creating the music! Point Blank sounds like it’d be an amazing experience. Please keep a dedicated fan in mind =)


  55. Sven Benson says:



    (fingers crossed)

  56. Sven Benson says:



    (fingers crossed)

  57. Nicolas Saavedra says:

    Electro House Course

  58. DJ/Performance Course – Ableton Live!

  59. J.C. says:

    Dubstep course, my mind had being dying too let these beats out

  60. I would love to take the Mixing Dance Music course or the Ableton Live Production course!!!

  61. I WOULD LOVE THIS, finally wouldnt have to be cluelessly messin around!! Haha

  62. Shere says:

    Progressive house and Progressive Trance with Cubase!

  63. Will Saltus says:

    Ableton Live – Electro House Course! Point Blank seems like a fantastic EM school

  64. Jesse Chani says:

    the DJ/Performance Course sounds sooo awesome..i want it 😉

  65. John Stroumbos says:

    John Stroumbos
    Dubstep Course Ableton Live

  66. Danni Daner Petersen says:

    Electro House Course – Logic would be nice! ; )

  67. Jason Seo says:

    Amazing opportunity, awesome contest love both GDD blog, and point blank.

    Lets do this!!! no more hunting down resources and bad youtube tuts

    Thank you for the opportunity =)

  68. Anthony Scarpulla says:

    Electro House Course-Logic

    if I win this I will poop my pants in sheer joy. So, here’s to that.

  69. caleb ochoa says:


  70. Brian says:

    Remixing Course – Logic

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. DanjaOne says:

    Name: Daniel Anerson
    email: miaodos@yahoo.com
    course: production dubstep-electro

  72. Klaus Manson says:

    Hip Hop Course – Logic

  73. Armani Perez says:

    Dj/performance course on ableton or the dupstep on ableton!! I would be the happiest dancer/dj/producer if i got this!!! please please please!!!!
    Young producer/ future ultra performer in need!!!

  74. Julie says:

    Julie Watanabe
    EDM (Trance & Progressive) – Ableton Live

  75. JAsper says:

    first influence as dj Hibiki Yohei
    greetings from Romania

  76. Mixing Dance Music Course- Ableton Live

  77. Elias Angulo says:

    Electro House Course – Logic FTW!

  78. Samuel Lanning says:

    Minimal Techno Course. Ableton Live

  79. Luis Ortega says:

    Luis Ortega


    Producing and Mixing Electro/Dutch House on FL Studios 9

  80. Brady Raggio says:

    Brady Raggio
    email: raggio626@live.com
    course: dubstep course in ableton live

  81. David Ruiz says:

    David Ruiz
    EDM Dubstep or House
    Logic or Ableton

  82. electro house on logic please! or the EDM (trance&progressive) course on abbleton. Ive already been DJing for the past 4 years and I really want to start making some music this summer!
    email me @ edenburgstry@aol.com
    – Daniel Edenburg

  83. Michael Jameer says:

    EDM (Trance & Progressive) Course – Ableton Live

  84. DEEP and SOULFUL House —- MIXING DANCE MUSIC —- Logic


  86. Jake Nelken says:

    YES!! GDD and Point Blank!! Love both of your stuff!!

  87. Jake Nelken says:


  88. Patrick Kennedy says:

    pat kennedy
    interested in Electro/Electro house and entry level djing in general

  89. Ali Black says:

    My name is Ali Black
    Email: alibrules@hotmail.com

    And I’d be interested in the “DJ/Performance Course – Ableton Live” course.

    Thank you

  90. Christopher Jimenez says:

    Name: CJ
    Email: robotlove69@gmail.com
    C: dubstep/ progressive house/ pop – Ableton Live

  91. Nick says:

    Nick Tasich
    Electro House Course – Logic

  92. My Course of Choice would be Dubstep/House, with Serato Scratch Live, Would love to win!!!!!

  93. Ever wonder if it’s all for me?
    The dirt I love
    The tracks I’d drop
    To be part of
    This non-stop womp
    (Come and tell me when its time to)

    I bleed music. My ears eat Dubstep. Please. Thank You.

  94. Jeff Rogers says:

    Jeff Rogers
    Dubstep production/Djing
    Electro/House production/Djing

  95. kal halax says:

    sounds too good to be true… should of waited till 11:11 to post…

    Minimal Techno Course – Ableton Live


  96. Alex Paton says:

    Electro House on Logic.

    Great giveaway!

  97. jaygo_bloom says:

    Quality freebies
    I would choose the Remix Course
    FANKS . . .

  98. jaygo_bloom says:

    facebook – Jaygo_Bloom
    email – jaygobloom@gmail.com

  99. Dubstep Course-Ableton Live

    Considering that 04/20 is my birthday, this would be a great present.
    Seriously, check Facebook, it is haha.

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