Chemical Brothers ‘Hanna’ Vinyl Giveaway


If there’s one thing I love more than a badass action flick, it’s a badass action flick with an awesome soundtrack scored by one of my three favorite EDM acts of all-time. With a Chemical Brothers live set pending this Friday in the Coachella Valley, and my brain still reeling from what the Brothers did to it a few Sundays ago in MIA, I couldn’t be more excited to hit the theatre and check out the new movie ‘Hanna’ which came out last Friday.

EDIT: Saw the movie, fucking awesome. Lil’ girl is a gangster.

And guess what… GDD™ is giving you the chance to win a VINYL copy of the official soundtrack! All you have to do is write your favorite Chemical Brothers song in the comments section of this post and then we’ll use our super high-tech GDD™ randomizer machine to select a winner this week! Even if you don’t have a turntable, records are just really fun to look at, and who doesn’t like free shit! Get after it!

The Devil Is In The Beats by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie

container park by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie




83 Responses to Chemical Brothers ‘Hanna’ Vinyl Giveaway

  1. MadDefErb says:

    I still love The Boxer and drop it into my sets every once in a while.

    I also use Electronic Battle weapon #1 as my soundcheck 😀

  2. Brian S says:

    The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize.
    Put the Chem Bros. on the radar for me.

  3. Francis Ferreyra says:

    The Pills wont help you know
    chem bros

  4. Francis Ferreyra says:

    the pills wont help you now*
    chem bros

  5. John Donohue says:

    Hey Boy, Hey Girl

  6. andrew mrvos says:

    star guitar still gets me :)

  7. Kyle says:

    This might be a bit “cliché”, but I’m going with “The State We’re In”. Classy. Deep. Classy… and Deep.

  8. The Salmon Dance & Don’t Think are always on heavy rotation.

  9. @papajoshh says:

    The pills wont help you all time favorite.

  10. brenton pyle says:

    i know they have a long history and everything (which i deeply enjoy) but im going to have to go with “swoon,” almost to awesome

  11. Greg says:

    Recently? It’s gotta be Escape Velocity.

  12. John says:

    Star Guitar gets my vote also!

  13. Corey says:

    I love Swoon! perfect for a summer evening, not very to terribly dance-y though

  14. Get Yourself High!

  15. Dennis Price says:

    One favorite I didnt hear them play live:

    Setting Sun

  16. jordan says:

    galvanize (horse power is creeping up there though)

  17. Adam K says:

    I have to say Dream on from surrender. Not even your typical CB but its sick as hell

  18. troy kurtz says:


  19. Duncan Miller says:

    I can’t believe I’m only the second person to say “Salmon Dance”, oh man I could jam/dance to that beat every day.

    P.S. I’ve got the salmon dance down pat. Chicks at the bars dig it.

  20. Nick Kiang says:

    My favorite song has to be The Sunshine Underground

  21. AugustAlexander says:

    Let Forever be, always going to be a classic.

  22. Marc.Elektro says:

    Hold Tight London by The Chemical Brothers was a pretty awesome song although their sound went in a different direction on that one.

  23. Lauren says:

    I’d say the first one I heard from them way back in the day.
    “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”

  24. Teeps says:

    The golden path (ewan Peterson extended vocal)
    -chemical brothers featuring the flaming lips.

  25. Sequel says:

    setting sun. no doubt

  26. The best hi tek awesome song by the chemical Brothers is def “Swoon”

  27. sorry did not mean to post twice…please dont count against me

  28. Brandon says:

    Do It Again was one of the first tracks I heard from them. Still my favorite!

  29. sean says:

    under the influence

  30. Leland Clemmons says:

    Keep My Composure, babeeee. What a tune!

  31. TZB says:

    hmmm I’m gonna have to say Salmon Dance!!

  32. Yvonne P says:

    Hold Tight London

  33. J. J. says:

    How has no one mentioned Block Rockin’ Beats? I feel like I’m dating myself.

  34. montyb says:

    life is sweet

  35. YouthInAsia says:

    Galvanize. A classic. Plus the Party Ben mash with the Empirical March is incredible. Though that may just be the fanboy in me.

  36. J.C. says:

    chico’s groove is too good

  37. Get Yourself High!

  38. yaser Bashir says:

    The State We’re In

  39. k wag says:

    another world
    after the drop before the vocals = lovely…

  40. Neeraj M says:

    another world is AMAZING.
    or electronic battle 8

  41. church says:

    Do it again.

    But I just saw Hanna last night, so now my fave is just that whole soundtrack. What a sweet movie. Fave is probably the Container Park scene:

  42. Doriman says:

    Escape velocity by The Chemical Brothers

  43. josni says:

    might be cheesy but Salmon Dance nerver got out of my head…

  44. David T says:


  45. C. W. Miller IV says:

    Yeah, yeah, completely over-played, commercialized, and a bit faded but “Galvanize” is still my favorite Chemical Brothers track.

  46. Nats says:


  47. ben says:

    K+D+B or star guitar

  48. let forever be.

    old, but forever classic and uplifiting

  49. Jimmy-Y says:

    It would have to be “The Sunshine Underground”…….so sad no Coachella…my life sux : (

  50. Zak says:


  51. Josef Sipkins says:

    best song – block rockin beats. still work out to it weekly.
    best video – the salmon dance. sammy the salmon is the man, and the beatboxing pufferfish is somehow my ideal party mate and most terrifying enemy all at once.
    i agree with you about hanna- cb soundtrack pushed it over the edge from pretty good to hardcore amazing.

  52. Barry Manilow says:


  53. psynautic says:

    out of control
    get yourself high…

    wait no…
    out of control, mos def.

  54. Jon G says:

    SATURATE! always gets played when it pops up on shuffle

  55. ali wilson says:

    it has to be SURFACE TO AIR: slick, progressive, uplifting…beautiful.

    big love x

  56. mikeosta says:

    Escape Velocity
    -The Chemical Brothers

  57. Blaine says:

    Another World – Chemical Brothers

  58. Mary says:

    STAR GUITAR. That music video… oh, that music video.

  59. 11boks says:

    their new album was ok but definitely the song “swoon” tops my list of amazing songs

  60. Lugar says:

    star guitar, ya know?

  61. Josh B says:

    My favourite song on this soundtrack is “Escape Wavefold”

  62. Will Crawf says:

    I saw them in perth at future music 2011 and their lighting and dj set was incredible. just like this one scariest clown face, but fav track might be Believe, just cuz it reminds me of a hundred different house parties and every time it comes on the dancefloor becomes that much more messy, hectic and fun.

  63. Tim D says:

    Salmon Dance all the way! Doing it for sammy the salmon.

  64. Tim says:

    ESCAPE VELOCITY. Or really just the entire masterpiece that is further.

  65. Cort Kern says:

    The Salmon Dance

  66. Carlos says:

    Swoon for sure

  67. SweetFA says:

    Piku. Such an underrated tune 😉

  68. bluesbrother says:


  69. Christina says:

    My favorite song? “Block Rockin’ Beats.”

  70. mikey says:

    Star Guitar FTW

  71. Murphy says:

    Fav Track “Galvanize,” got overplayed but was ear candy on first listen.

  72. Anthony says:

    Swoon. There is nothing else.

    Alright, there’s also everything else. Especially Believe.

  73. Kara says:

    The Sunshine Underground – The Chemical Brothers

    Orgasm for your ears.

  74. Anthony says:

    Swoon. There’s nothing else.

    Alright, there’s everything else. Especially Believe.

  75. zGweezy says:

    ahh so many to choose from………….Swoon -Chemical Brothers

  76. dirt mcgirt says:

    ALI! if you can email me at by tomorrow morning you’re our winner! congrats!

  77. Will says:


  78. Archie says:


    Sends me to sleep every night

  79. ali wilson says:

    awesome, thanks so much! i emailed you at that address!

  80. kishore says:


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