GDD™ Exclusive: ZEDS DEAD – 1975

Fresh off of massive performances at Ultra and SXSW and prepping for an equally massive US tour, ZEDS DEAD have gotten love from everyone from BBC Radio 1’s Kissy Sell Out to GQ Magazine to Much Music (Canada’s MTV, remember?) while maintaining the signature raw energy of their live shows alongside the elegant brutality of their productions.

You’ve been chomping at the bit on our GDD Facebook since we announced this release, so without further ado it is my distinct pleasure to present to you ZEDS DEAD – 1975.  Full track download, tour dates and a video of Christiano Ronaldo’s righteously (ridiculously) sexy Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk grinding dirty to the track in her intimate wear.  Seriously…

Zeds Dead – 1975 by zedsdead

This track was featured in a behind the scenes GQ short featuring aforementioned Russian model writhing from couch to couch while making no attempt to stay clothed (scroll down for the video)– which has to be pretty gratifying as up and coming artists–and has served as a staple to their live sets over the last few months.  Heavy and technical as it storms along, 1975 lets up into sexy piano cool for just long enough to let the wailing female vocals haunt and soak before banging back in.

You’ll be sure to catch this on their upcoming US tour along with their recent crossover Rudeboy ft. Omar Linx on the mic which they just released a music video for, further blurring the lines between hip hop and their heavy, downtempo blend of electro and dubstep.

On their last tour, the boys’ show incited a riot, resulting in a fan being run over by a cop car.  Brutal, eh?  You’ll probably be safe attending any of their upcoming shows but we accept no responsibility for injuries, lootings or pig-car-foot-runnings-overs.  I’m sure the riot was unintentional though as they’re really cool dudes.  I sat down to tea with them recently (they ordered bloody marys) and as the conversation veered to graffiti, it turns out that one of them is a solid graffiti artist.  If they’re headed to your town get at them on Twitter @whoszed and let them know where to write in your city.

Not to be forgotten, the piece de resistance, Ms. Shayk herself:

Brutally yours,




6 Responses to GDD™ Exclusive: ZEDS DEAD – 1975

  1. B says:

    absolutely DOPE!

  2. jonahberry says:

    ya she’s ok.

  3. Danny Silva says:

    oh mama.

  4. Wade West says:

    i think you missed the fact that theres an mtv canada, remember?

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