GDD™ Exclusive Clouds Interview

Things are lookin’ up for Clouds these days. Being teenagers and getting signed by Tiga‘s Turbo and Fake Blood‘s Blood Music record labels at the same time would likely make most people’s heads spontaneously combust, but these two lads seemingly take it all in stride, not taking themselves or the moment too seriously. Their EP released on Turbo last Monday contains four club heaters, including the long-anticipated party starter ‘Sucker.’ They’re supported by just about every major DJ and producer you’ve ever seen on a HARD poster and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Take a listen to the tracks, buy the four-track EP off Juno, and get to know Liam and Calum all *after the jump.
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Turbo 096 | Clouds – Numbers EP by turborecordings

GDD: Keeping with Gotta Dance Dirty tradition, I gotta ask what’re your guys beverages of choice? You’re of legal drinking age in Scotland so I’m allowed to ask…
Calum: Milk.
Liam: I like beer I guess. Or pure apple juice.
GDD: Healthy lads. Whole milk for you Calum?
C: Or semi skimmed.
GDD: Okay. You two live together, how long have you actually known each other? Did the music bring you together or did you find out it was a common interest after you had been friends for awhile…
C: The latter. We met in high school.
L: I met Calum in first year at high school but didn’t really become friends until about 2nd year. Then the music thing came up around the age of 15 or 16. We both liked the same stuff.
GDD: So you’ve been friends around five years then. What was that same stuff, I know you’re big on Tiga, Zombie Nation, Boys Noize, Daft Punk, etc. now, what was it then?
L: There was always Daft Punk…
C: And Zombie Nation, and more electro stuff like Bloody Beetroots and shit like that.
GDD: Was there a particular moment that got you in to it? A friend who showed it to you and you were just like, “that’s for me.”
C: I don’t think I ever really got into it.
L: I dont think its ‘for me.’
C: It’s fun to produce and DJ but it’s not really serious music.
GDD: Fair enough. What’s normally playing around the house then when it’s the two of you hanging out?
L: Animal collective. A lot of Animal Collective. Though we do always try and find new tracks to play out live.
C: “Live” [laughs] But yeah, trying to find old techno that no one knows about is great fun.
L: So we dig deep for a while and try and find some new stuff.
GDD: Speaking of the old stuff you guys got to release a remix for one of my top three all-time favorite EDM acts, Underworld. Was that a thrill for you guys or was it not really a big deal?
C: It was a big deal, I mean I’ve never really listened to Underworld but the name is huge, so it was nice that they even let us do it.
GDD: But you were aware of the respect and attention it warranted?
C: Oh yeah, for sure.
L: I was aware of Underworld being a big thing but I don’t tend to listen to them a lot so it wasn’t too weird or scary. I guess it would be more of a big deal if it was someone who we listen to a lot and love.
GDD: It’s a crazy name to be attached to for such young producers no doubt, but that’s really nothing too new for you guys. The amount of support, not even taking in to consideration who the support is coming from, must be pretty overwhelming right now.
C: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.
L: It has been awesome. We are still pretty surprised people are into our stuff.
GDD: How do you two deal with that? In terms of mentoring and guidance, you two obviously have some pretty steady hands in Fake Blood and Tiga at your disposal, do you get the chance to talk to either of them frequently about music, life, how to deal, etc.
C: We talk to Thomas [Von Party, Tiga’s brother] a lot. Not Tiga. Thomas has helped us a lot with promoting ourselves and the music and his feedback is always great on tracks. Same goes to Fake Blood.
L: We keep ourselves pretty occupied with new things, that way we don’t sit and think about everything that’s going on with the tracks we have already released.
GDD: Yeah, how is it working with you two releasing tracks on the different labels… How does one song end up with Turbo as opposed to the Blood Music? Is the whole process a bit weird to you guys or are you still just going about making music and letting other people deal with all that?
L: It was pretty surreal especially as the labels calling were Turbo and then Fake Blood’s brand new one.
C: Well, they both kind of mailed at the same time asking to sign tracks and ‘Mauful Sir’ got caught between the two labels, but went to Theo [Fake Blood], as he said first he wanted to sign it. But now we’re focusing on Turbo.
GDD: Two pretty big labels. So is the story true about Tiga hearing Erol play out your track and saying, ‘what on earth is this?’ and him pointing to you two in the crowd losing your shit. Urban legend, or truth?
L: [Laughs] No, but nearly.
C: That’s kind of wrong. Boys Noize asked Thomas [Von Party] what ‘Sucker’ was and he pointed to us in the crowd. Though when Boys Noize was asked he said it was Tiga.
GDD: Are the gigs starting to become a little more steady now? I know our readers really want to see you guys make it out to the States…
L: To an extent. We are kind of taking it a month at a time. We would love to come over.
GDD: Perth, Scotland is a fairly small place right? Any plans on getting out of town and moving to a big city any time soon or are you guys content where you’re at?
C: Yes, we don’t live in Perth anymore though. We stay in Edinburgh but want to move.
L: Although we have a gig in Perth soon which is gonna be a weird one.
C: Our first gig ever there.
L: I think I am gonna leave in the summer. Doesn’t seem to make sense to leave now when I don’t really need to.
GDD: So are you guys trying to move out of Scotland all together? Any ideas?
L: Hopefully. London is an option. Maybe somewhere nicer.
C: I’d like to eventually live on the west coast of the US, but London would be cool until then. I’m thinking more Pacific Northwest, maybe even Vancouver. Seems nice.
L: Amen.
GDD: Okay let’s crack a few more easy questions, nothing too serious. Each of you describe your music, without using any genre names. A description of how it makes the listener feel, or what it might look like, who it might be if personified…
C: If it was a shape it would definitely be pointy. Maybe a hexagon.
L: A good shape.
C: One of the finest.
L: I think it has a structureless structure, with some humour, but not cheesy.
C: Definitely humour.
GDD: But no cheese.
L: Never, I hate cheese.
C: Unless it’s on pizza.
L: Of course, then it’s a different tale.
C: I love cheese. But not in my techno.
GDD: I only eat things if they have cheese on it, and here I was thinking we were actually getting along, Liam.
C: Yeah, fuck off Liam.
GDD: [Laughs] Well you’re the man who likes milk.
C: I’m a dairy guy, what can I say?
GDD: So if you didn’t like cheese that’d just be a little weird. Okay, I actually just saw your picture of your vegetable drawer full of Red Bulls, how many of those things do you guys actually drink a day? Maybe we could get you sponsored…
C: No more than three.
GDD: Three each?
L: Maybe.
C: We rarely split them.
GDD: And that’s the techno fuel when you need to get in the studio?
C: Yes, “the studio.” I’m gonna go grab one right now.
L: Of course. Fetch me one please!
GDD: Any plans on purchasing some hardware any time soon or are you two happy with what you’ve got going right now? Mainly Logic now yeah?
L: We would love to buy some hardware! When we have a bit of spare cash we are definitely gonna get some. I use Ableton and Calum uses Logic so we get the best of both.
GDD: And is one track typically done mostly by one of you, or is it a back and forth collaboration?
L: We rarely make a full track together. I will start and nearly finish a track then show Calum and he will give his opinion and we will take it from there. That goes the same with him?
C: Yes, vice versa would have been a better term. Sometimes we try and sit down and make a track… never works.
L: Music making hasn’t really became a job yet, where we both know we need to sit down and do something. Our system works I guess.
GDD: Well hopefully it never really becomes a job in the sense that you’re just doing it for the money and getting no enjoyment out of it.
C: I thought that’s what we were doing… I don’t enjoy this shit.
L: [Laughs]
GDD: Less scandalous than selling drugs I guess. Okay last question, just cause I gotta ask it… When you guys aren’t behind the decks, or shit even when you are, do you guys like to dance dirty?
C: No. [Laughs]
L: Ah, I like to vibe to jams. Nothing explicit.
GDD: Nothing too suggestive?
L: Exactly.
C: What about the occasional crotch thrust? I’ve seen you do them. Don’t try and hide it.
L: That was a festive gig, and yes, crotch thrusts occurred though I’m not proud of it.
GDD: Perfect. Alright boys I’ll let you go. Thank you so much for taking the time and I’m sure I’ll talk to you both soon.
L: Cool man. Thanks.
C: Sweet potatoes. I’m out.




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  1. Josh says:

    for some reason a lot of these up and coming producing prodigies (Gesaffelstein, Mumbai Science, Clouds, etc.) come off as really arrogant and a tad douchey… the only DJ that is allowed to get away with the whole “I know I’m a badass” attitude is Fake Blood because he simply is that badass. these dudes seem like they are mocking people that take techno seriously. I mean I understand everyone has a different perspective on EDM, but to say that it isn’t serious music? come on now. they could learn a thing or two from Boys Noize in terms of his passion for the music and respect for it… good interview nonetheless

  2. Emilia says:

    sweeeet. another great interview guys, keep it up

  3. jonahberry says:

    nice one matthew!

  4. dirt mcgirt says:

    as someone who has spent a deal of time outside of the context of the interview talking to liam from clouds i can tell you it’s really all in good fun. people are riding their nuts, they’re fucking teenagers, and they’re having fun with it. if they don’t live, breathe and eat EDM every second of every day that’s not a problem, cause they still make quality stuff for people to enjoy. nothing too douchey about that.

    and as someone who has hung out with jonas and maarten of mumbai science a lot, completely removed from music all together, i can wholeheartedly assure you they’re not douches at all. in fact, they’re some of the most normal, easy to talk to, down to earth artists i’ve ever met. so josh i know it’s hard, but please don’t formulate your opinions of people based off of an hour long transcribed skype chat.


  5. sneevs says:

    as someone who has spent a deal of time outside in the context of jogging, hiking and riding my bicycle, I can tell you it’s really all in good fun, cloudy or otherwise.

  6. Ned says:

    really enjoyed this

  7. SIr Real says:

    interview is hilarious, although the tongue in cheek humor seems to be lost on some fans

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